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Hellow ^_^~ I'm Merleawe (AKA Karumu)
I'm 17 years old and still in School, I've loved Anime since i was small, but didn't really know what it was at the time (Cardcaptor(s) Sakura, Pokemon, Digimon etc) And i can remember going to see Spirited Away when it first came out, so i guess Studio Ghibli was the true reason i got into Anime. I read alot of Manga, and my favourite type's of genre are Magic ^_^
I'm really lucky to have a good friend like Eri-san :)
We have the same taste in Anime and that makes it so much better being able to discuss series with your friend! I don't think i'd be as into Anime if i didn't have a friend to like it with me ^_^ My favourite series is R.O.D (both the series and the OVA)
I really love Figures with Long dresses, especially Nuns and Witches, but i dislike ecchi :3
Oh~ and feel free to comment, i like to talk ^_^

^Couldn't bring myself to delete this from 5 years ago. A bit cringe...

WF summer 2011 watchlist:

Homura Akemi Ichiban Kuji (mfc link)
Mami Tomoe GSC 1/8 (mfc link)
Sayaka Miki GSC 1/8 (mfc link)
Hijiri Byakuren Griffon 1/8 (mfc link)
Iku Nagae Griffon 1/8 (mfc link)
Yukari Yakumo QuesQ 1/8 (mfc link)
Lorna Murasame kotobukiya 1/8 (mfc link) soooo Moe X_X Knives and long dress...
Rufina kotobukiya 1/8 (mfc link)
Blanc Neige orchid seed (mfc link) still waiting for painted ver.
Catherine Max Factory (mfc link) Mami Hair! XD
Totori Phat Company 1/8 (mfc link)

My Most wanted Nendoroid Petits:
(Elie MacDowell)
(Tio Plato)
(Prisma Illya)

This is my Wonder Fest 2012 Winter wish list:

Subara- Houkugo no pleiades (FREEing) ITEM #98931
Rorona- (Phat company) ITEM #98904
Madoka Godess version- GSC ITEM #98665
Kisaragi Saya- Blood-C (Art Spirits) ITEM #99084
Milla Maxwell- ALTER ITEM #84814
Samurai- 7th Dragon 2020- Max Factory ITEM #98947
Charlotte- Nendoroid Petit ITEM #98891
Hanekawa Tsubasa Vignettum SEGA ITEM #99054
Hieda no Akyuu- surfers paradise ITEM #99166

Wonderfest summer 2012!

Byakuren Hijiri- orchid seed ITEM #117945
Lucy Heartfilia- Goodsmile ITEM #117970
Lysette Kalar- Goodsmile ITEM #117934
Meruru- Phat company ITEM #117969
Flandre Scarlet- Orchid Seed ITEM #117942
Elmina Rhoderia- Kotobukiya ITEM #118082
Tera- Yamato ITEM #117318
Hacker- Max Factory ITEM #117928
Akemi Homura- Gift ITEM #117637

Wonderfest Winter 2013!

Jack the Ripper- Phat Company ITEM #144274
Caster Extra CCC- Phat company ITEM #144275
Patchouli- kotobukiya ITEM #143986
Sallya- Max Factory ITEM #144366
Aty- Alter ITEM #144389
Kaname Madoka- Freeing ITEM #144316
Sorceress- Goodsmile ITEM #144324
Totori- Phat company ITEM #134359
Elizabeth- ques q ITEM #144476
Mami tomoe- Freeing ITEM #144453
Yoshino- plum ITEM #144496
Yoshino- Phat company ITEM #144427
Suguha- Alter ITEM #144382
Misaka Mikoto nendoroid- ITEM #144291
Rachel alucard petit- ITEM #144319
Metallica- Art spirits ITEM #144567

Wonderfest Summer 2013!

Airy Ardet- kotobukiya ITEM #166969
Kilmaria Ardeen- Kotobukiya ITEM #166971
Konpaku Youmu- embrace Japan ITEM #167170
Biblia Koshodou no jiken- Toy's works ITEM #167168
Metallica- Phat company ITEM #166931
Shiki Ryougi- kotobukiya ITEM #166817
Seishou Komachi- phat company ITEM #167058
Nagi- Freeing ITEM #167057
Kuroki Tomoko- Sega ITEM #167155
Sola-Ui- Petanko ITEM #167088
Sachi- Petanko ITEM #167161
Taiyou Akari- Goodsmile ITEM #166933
Hoshikawa Seira- Goodsmile ITEM #167004

Prize figure get list:
BB- Sega ITEM #183257
Himegami Aisa- Sega ITEM #183254
Misaka Mikoto- Sega ITEM #183283
Itsuwa- Sega ITEM #183298
Kinomoto Sakura- FuRyu ITEM #183247

Wonderfest Winter 2014 watch list!

Cordelia- Max Factory ITEM #198363
Erza Scarlet- Goodsmile ITEM #198423
Natsu Dragneel- Goodsmile ITEM #198433
Gary Fullbuster- Goodsmile ITEM #198550
Alice Kuonji- FREEing ITEM #198502
Komeiji Koiji- Ques Q ITEM #198506
Warrior Rose- Goodsmile ITEM #198524
Jeanne d'Arc- Gift ITEM #198536
Mako nendo- Goodsmile ITEM #198348
Matoi Ryuko- Goodsmile ITEM #198444
Saber Extra- Beat ITEM #198740
Queen Muse- Wing ITEM #198557



Hehe~ Happy birthday from me as well! =)
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Happy birthday, old friend! (Streak of six in a row broken by our friend Celtic, lol)
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Happy belated birthday, wherever you might be! =D
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A streak of half a decade! :O Happy birthday!
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Connect four! Happy birthday!
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Happy birthday!
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Happy birthday!
5 l. temu
happy birthday!
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6 l. temu
Mer :)! Yay! 3.16am. Yay!
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University Student
Programy TV
R.O.D, Fate/Stay Night, To Aru Majutsu no Index, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Fractale, Junketsu no Maria
Atelier and Tales series
Punkty MOE
Witch, Mage, Nun, Long dress
Marina and the Diamonds, Florence + the Machine, Janelle Monae


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