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Kilka słów o użytkowniku

I´m collecting figures since 2003. I started with Gashapons...but now I love PVC statues much more. ^^


Kalissiah Collecting since March 2012!
I bought a figure from Jeani (Clare by Megahouse) and everything was perfect! The communication was great and she took perfect care of packing the figure for shipping. I can definitely recommend her :)!
8 l. temu
Hello hello,
I wanted to contact you about your Izaya figure.
But your inbox is kind of full ^^;
Please do contact me upon your return ^w^

Kind regards,
8 l. temu
very nico collec, Rin and Dizzy <3 i want them so much :P
8 l. temu
Never mind > <
9 l. temu
JeaniYou like more the cute type of figure right? ^^

I see you have the Rin already...ahhh I´m looking soooooooooo forward it....I hope I get the figure soon *_*

Yup I'm the Moe kinda type ^^

Oh Rin is awesome!!! An absolute yes for your collection, she's gorgeous.
9 l. temu
Jeaniat the moment I ordered only this figure:
ITEM #61092

Well of all I ordered these are the ones I really look out for;
ITEM #2134
ITEM #56130
ITEM #59810
ITEM #35669
ITEM #61336
ITEM #59782
9 l. temu
JeaniI mean some new preorders! ^^

because I cancel Kaguya now...so I´m looking for new preordre figures XD


Well look at my ordered section and see if you see something ^^
9 l. temu
JeaniYou have some tipps for me...what I should buy? XD

What do you mean?
If you mean figures I can give some I really like, but we have each our own choices.
9 l. temu
Jeaniok thanks -.-
I hope I can cancel her... ^^; If not I´m crying.... *lol*

And I hope you can sell her... >.>
I wonder if anyone want her... :(

As I said enough hypocrits walking this earth.
So I'm having a good chance, especially with her only for 50 euroos.
9 l. temu
JeaniYeah...really hypocrytical behaviour...you are right...

so she looks like a bootleg?! >.> Oh my...I will cancel her right now! -.- I don´t need such a "bad" figure in my collection. Then I take another PVC statue :)

I´m thinking about the Miku Append Version from Max Factory at the moment....hmmm...but I will wait the Wonderfestival. ^^ Then I will decide :)

Yeah I mean, look;

and this is just one of the many.
While the reference looks really good;
maybe here and there a small mistake, but not everything is perfect.
But the end result is really disgusting, sorry.
But I couldn't cancel her, hobbysearch wouldn't let me.
9 l. temu
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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