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I love Durarara!!
I adore all the characters in DRRR!!
I find its OST/soundtrack rather Catchy and Unique.
The action scenes were Epic.

and lastly,

I collect more DRRR!! stuffs than any other existing animu(s) out there. {meaning i'm not an anime-merchandise collector; but DRRR!! is an exception.♡}~))
Programy TV
Durarara!!, Kuroko no basket, Baccano!, Shingeki no Kyojin, Hunter x Hunter, Steins;Gate, D.Gray-Man, etc.
Durarara!!, Kuroko no basket, Onani Master Kurosawa, Liar Game, Yotsubato!, etc
Phoenix Wright, Durarara!! 3way Standoff, Dangan Ronpa, Professor Layton, Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, etc


heyo i know you're probably not active anymore but i hope we can become great friends some day~
3 l. temu
I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
4 l. temu
That's okay that your reply was late. ^-^ Did you enjoy your day?
Iza-nii (6 l. temu) #1021219Sorry for the late reply!
thank you very much for the b'day wish! (`・ω・´)
6 l. temu
Happy Birthday!!
6 l. temu
It's not the 6th were I am, but it is for you, so happy birthday! Hope you have a good day!
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
6 l. temu
Iza-nii*nods* i get that feel. They just won't stop releasing new DRRR!! goods/merchandise. ;__;
I wish they could announce season 2 soon, where we could see Aoba, Rokujo and so many moar characters!

YES!! Friends and me think so too! It's just too obvious they will be announcing the season 2 (probably on the vol.11). Oh and did you notice this: Izaya is the last birthday to celebrate before the release of the BD BOX! They may announce something during his, Shinra and Mikado's upcoming birthdays like they did with Shizuo and Kasuka~~!!
Aaaaah I love the char you mentioned♥ I want to see them animated (>///<)
7 l. temu
Iza-niiMizu~ Mizu~! ♥♥ Have you received those lovely Shi-Zaya valentine goods yet~? ヽ(゚∀゚ )ノ♥
Proxy was supposed to pack and send them to me but Dura Café came and eventually I asked for the cookies too... Why can't I stop myself from purchasing? (^q^)
7 l. temu
Iza-niiHmmmmm~ if buying the BD-BOX would really support the series and bring on 2nd season, i wouldn't mind saving just to buy it as well! (hooray for DRRR fans~! ♥(*>ω<)ノ)
Btw, i just visited your Tumblr! so DRRR manga would be resuming; and first vol. will be released in Feb right? can't wait for it! ヽ(゚∀゚ )ノ♥♥ Ohoh, and i bought the manga published by Yen Press yesterday, in a Japanese bookstore~♥ it takes about 40mins to reach there >~>' but completely time-worthy! *>ヮ<*♥
Anywaaay! i wonder how long are they gonna keep us waiting impatiently to get season 2 announce. so many new merchandise, yet no news for season 2! (`Д´)/

As for today, it's what I want the most in the ENTIRE world!! Let’s hope it’s a hint of that awaiting season ・(つД`)・゜・ It somehow hurts me to see so many series having new projects while Dura still hasn't...
The manga has actually resumed last year, it’s running in the GFantasy since some months under the name Durarara!! Saika Hen. Right, the vol.1 will come out on February. Did you see that cover with Shizu-chan ///
I just love YenPress, they did an amazing job on the manga. They even included the collaboration two-spread color between Toboso-sensei and Satorigi-sensei♥
7 l. temu
Iza-niiYeah i did see it! Announcing BD-BOX of DRRR!! during Shizu-chan's birthday! ♥ there would be a new character song, or is it..? :O
so are you gonna get the BD-BOX, mizuu~? (*>ω<)ノ♥ its about 36,750円...~ Σ(゚д゚lll)

It was so sweet to announce it during his birthday, which means they do care about it after all~♥ \(//∇//)\ Ah! It's not a new char song but a compilation CD of the DVD char songs. It will come out apart from the BD Box.

I don't expect a BD Box as perfect as this one in my country that's why I'll likely get it!! Plus if my purchase can support the series so they'll eventually decide to bring another season, it'll totally fill my heart's content. I wish the release date was during Izaya's birthday though (^q^ )/
7 l. temu
Iza-niiMizuuuuu~ like the Celty figure by alter? :>
and it seems like Iza figure is delayed for a month~ :o

I LOVE that Celty figure (*^▽^*) I've just combined it few days ago with another Alter fig <3
Yes it was... but I want to believe it's due to the reservation that exceeded their supply?

Did you see that BD Box?????????????? ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ
7 l. temu
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