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Hello guys~

It was about time I change this profile, a lot of time has passed since I first signed in.

I'm a brazilian laawyer living in Rio de Janeiro interested in art, otaku-stuff, games and tech. Although I'm pretty into all this amazing geek stuff, I don't really look like it, so you'll mostly find me working, traveling or in some night parties- I love a nice place to hang out and have a good drink. I'm not the full-time-on-PC kind x)

I hope to change even more info with you guys, everyone is welcome here to ask about anything, it'll be a pleasure to help or to learn more about figures, dolls and so~

Thanks for visiting me ^^

Amigos do Brasil são sempre bem vindos, as the foreigner ones sure are welcome too.



Parabéns, felicidades, saúde e lotes de figires!!!
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Imanov3 l. temu#25814098Hi dear.
Willing to ship Vash to Brazil? Lemme know ;)

I'd be able to, but it would be a lot!! Around 40 USD or so
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MelKeigo Honey Fairy
Feliz aniversário!! Tudo de bom!
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Klon Solo Rei basta!
On rare occasions I buy figures, to sell them on a Convention I'm going every year. But for myself, I'm happy with the figures i still have, I never liked this typical collector rooms and had most of my figures in the cellar after photographing them.

Sorry to hear about the bad future perspective for architectures in Brazil. As far as I know, it's a very well paid profession in Austria, but there are so many architects that it's hard to get a job even here. I know one have to care about how to get money for soap and bread, but if you have the possibillity to finish architecture as well or at least stay in touch with your artistic Interests you should do so.
As for me, like I said, figure photography I will not do anymore, but I'll try as good as I can, to paint a Rei which looks at least as nice as in the photographs I've done with her. And I'll reach that goal before you'll go to Japan in 2018. :)

I'd like to go in summer to Japan, 'cause I want to crawl on Mount Fuji. So looking forward to it!
The city I know best is Vienna of course, for all others I don't know much more than tourists usually know already.

But speaking of Vienna, the question is, what are you interested in? If you want some nightlife, you may visit the Bermuda Dreieck www.tourmycount... www.bermudadrei... or Downstairs which is a bit more relaxed www.downstairs.... or if you want to see Discos than these are quite good praterdome.at/e... volksgarten.at/... . More traditional with a flair of the old imperial vienna are the coffeehouses like en.wikipedia.or...
If you want to see architecture, you may visit the new University of Economics en.wikipedia.or... , Watertower de.wikipedia.or... , Fools Tower en.wikipedia.or...(hospital) , Hunderwasserhaus and waste incineration plant en.wikipedia.or... de.wikipedia.or... , Museum of the painter Ernst Fuchs www.ernstfuchsm... , Church by Otto Wagner en.wikipedia.or... and the church in the central cementary en.wikipedia.or..., Wotruba Church you may know already en.wikipedia.or... . I guess you also have heard of the museums of Vienna, but in case you need to know about the highlights or something you are interesed in particular (technology, art, history) let me know.

If you want a free and nice panorama view above the City of Vienna, take the bus to Kahlenberg. It looks best if you go there by the evening hours and there's also a small restaurant on the viewing plattform. en.wikipedia.or.... In case you need a more luxurious restaurant with a panorama view, the LOFT restaurand would be a good choice www.sofitel-vie... And because you are a law student now, I'll give you a secret advice of a nice panoramic view and a nice and cheap reastaurant as well: The canteen of the justice palace
Vienna has a quite good public transportation network between about 04:00am to 11:30pm, so all the destinations above you can reach easily by bus, tramway or subway.

Hope that was helpful so far.
Best whishes and enjoy your travel!
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Klon Solo Rei basta!
Thanks for writing me and I'm glad you liked my pics, so my time on taking figure pictures wasn't totally wasted. The reason I stopped was mainly because my experiences with the figure photographer community where well...a bit dissapointing. As I stopped figure photography, sold, gave and threw away most of my figures, I felt fine again. I will not do photography anymore and have already forgotten most of the pics I've done.

What I am learning now is to draw and to paint. I like that and when I' m good enough, I'll do comissions for a small amount of money. And finally make a great Rei picture for myself.:)

I'm happy to hear you finally make it to Europe and Vienna. I love to travel and since I already know Vienna quite well, I'd like to go to Japan this year. I've talked about it for so long, but it's this year or never... with similar problems on exchange rates like yours.

I wish you have a great time in the countries you'll visit, enjoy your stay in Vienna and in case you get lost, just write a message and I'll help you out with most needed things like traveling fare and Rei figures. XD
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Coleção fofa e de bom gosto <3


Digo o mesmo da sua. Fantástica!!!

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☆☆☆ Happy Birthday!☆☆☆
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DeadlyAnime Web Designer
Pokaż zawartość spoileraUkryj zawartość spoileraYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
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