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I like anime, manga, action figures and sculptures, cheers. ^v^
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MelKeigo ~Honey Fairy~
Hahha obrigada!!! Sou BR também!
Obrigada por aceitar o FR!
2 mies. temu
Feliz aniversário!
5 mies. temu
Fala cara , aonde vc comprou as figures de JoJo ?
7 mies. temu
Opa, valeu aí man ^^

A sua tbm é muito bacana, reparei que você gosta mto de figmas.
8 mies. temu
Opa, muito obrigado
Já te add na Friendlist
Peço que, sempre que possível, entre nas minhas Pictures e veja as fotos.

Mais em breve, estarei fazendo mais fotos para concorrer ao Picture of the Day aqui do portal.

Valew amigão.abraço
8 mies. temu
My first Kingdom Hearts game was 358/2 Days. I loved the game, but I remember some of the bosses being a pain to beat! XD While playing as Roxas, I was happy to see that he wasn't a carbon copy of Sora. Most of the nobodies are somewhat similar to their somebody counterparts personality-wise. I like all of Riku's designs, except the outfit from the first game he appeared in. I couldn't take those parachute pants and clown shoes seriously! XD

I also took a look at the KH3 arts kai Riku. And yep, that face is so bad I bet it would make its bootleg version look like an official figure! XD Square Enix sure does love those deceitful camera angles.They make sure you don't get a good look at the figure's face in the promo photos! They want you to buy the figure a learn the ugly truth yourself.

I might think about the KH2 Riku, he does look good. You have great taste sir. ;3 For now though, I am interested in buying some Fate/Stay figs. :3
10 mies. temu
Aw, thank you for the compliment! You are awesome as well. :3

Yes, I do like Kingdom Hearts even if the story and lore makes my head spin sometimes. x.x

I would say Riku is my fav. With all the crazy stuff that happens in Kingdom Hearts, he's like: "Meh, this is my daily life". I find this a bit funny. Most of the other characters are like "Whoa that's awesome!" or "That can happen?!" I also like he's not such "perfect goodie boy" like Sora I like Sora somewhat though.. Riku such a bad boy, but he's more of a pseudo-bad now. XD Riku gives off that "don't mess with me" aura, but he maintains his cool. But, there was that one scene from Dream Drop Distance when Riku got called a "knight" by a girl and got flustered for a short while. Plus, I'm not gonna lie: He's hot too! ;3

I would KILL to have a decent scale of him but the ones so far have been very bad. I am tempted to get one of those good action figures of him, but I don't want to deal with all of those tiny, interchangeable parts. X3

Who is your favorite character? :3
10 mies. temu
Hi there! :3
Thanks for the friend request, I hope to chat with you sometime. ^v^
10 mies. temu
Thank you! Haha I like your collection
10 mies. temu
Thank you for your words ^^
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