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The use of this account is mainly to keep track of my wishlisted items.

Not everything I actually own can be found here, since I decided to add specific items only (I don't want to add artbooks, all my RPG-toys etc. to avoid cluttering up space. I also own a couple of non-japanese figures). Besides figures I also design and collect BJD/Super Dollfies (ball-jointed dolls), manga, artbooks and japanese mascot items.

This account shows first and foremost my collection of bigger statues and smaller figures, some garage kits too. I collect figures since the late 90s and obtained quite a lot over the past years. My all-time favorite show is and always will be Sailor Moon ❤
, my first anime love :>.

My motto when it comes to collecting is:

"Focus on shows/characters you actually love and know instead of buying everything because it looks nice."
"Variety over quantity."

No impulse-buying, at least for me. I think twice before I make my purchases. Does it fit in my collection ? Am I familiar with the source ? This way, I rarely end up with stuff I regret afterwards.

Variety is one of the most important things when it comes to collecting for me. I try to keep my collection balanced, paying attention not to buy too much of one and the same character. I also avoid alternate versions of figures just for the heck of it. Some kind of personal connection should always be there when deciding what to add to your collection IMHO. This way of thinking saves a lot of money sometimes, so I can only recommend it to any collector out there ^-^v.

If you want to befriend me (for whatever reasons), feel free to do so.



Dschii3 l. temu#18509367Well, I consider myself pretty oldschool, so I would really appreciate anything from Nitro+Chiral that isn't Dramatical Murder. Don't get me wrong, DmmM is great and all but Nitro's other games have to offer a lot as well and are still very much loved ? In the past people complained regarding TnC how there was only scale figure treatment for Akira and Shiki, but with DmmM, it has become even worse, because they solely focus on Aoba.Hope you don't mind me replying you here :D I'm pretty oldschool too and I was really happy when I saw you mentioned Vassalord :') It's frustrating when manufacturers focus too much on a single character or series (I get that its for profit and all) but there are so many other series as well.
TnC had the most scale figures but only of Akira and Shiki. Lamento had the main four guys but they were a little tiny (only 1/10) while DMMd had Aoba and Ren. It breaks my heart sweet pool had none. Was hoping that might change during their recent 10th anniversary but nope OTL Gothic Aoba will be my last hope to see at least the leads get their long overdue proper modern figure treatment. :')
3 l. temu
You collection and tastes are equally great and I can relate to your motto. :>
5 l. temu
An interesting position take you. :))
Dschii"Concentrate on shows/characters you actually love and know instead of buying everything because it looks nice." and "Variety over quantity."

I try to stick to the same. But there are exceptions at me. Truth often they occur rarely.
On the bill of buying one character, only from different companies. Here are grievously with this skill...

P.S.: A beautiful collection for you! http://i62.fastpic.ru/big/2014/0521/31/c1bbc25722da996ff4b982726d6f2231.gif
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Dschii7 l. temu#1398232Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Tama ! Feier schön =) !

Danke danke :)
7 l. temu
Dschii7 l. temu#1301200Happy Birthday =D ! Hopefully you've received lots and lots and lots and lots of cake figures !
Thanks!! I didn't receive any today, but I got two packages yesterday! xD
7 l. temu
Dschii8 l. temu#1185024Wish you all the best (and lots of figures) for your birthday, Kipi-chuu. Feliz aniversário.

Hihi thank you so much! ^^
8 l. temu
Muntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・
Thanks :) You can always contact a MOD or ADM if you want to upload items like that in the future as well. It's not the fact that the item has to be perfect, just to use all of the information that's readily available on the page (even if you need to use a translator). It's up to you whether or not you want to upload more in the future but we do appreciate those who take the time to work with our database, so thank you!
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Muntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・
If you're going to upload GKs from places like RuriRuri please add all of the information in Japanese and review the rules. You are missing a lot of things like the kit's price, circle, and release date which are all listed. We also do not allow Encyclopedia entries with My Anime List information so please re-read the FAQ.
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Thank you for accepting :D

Haha, yeah we really suffer the same fate xD I hope we will find a way to escape it one day, it's all up to Gift.
OMG I just went through your wishlist and saw the Aoba plush, I didn't know they were already making one o_o Have to add him to my wishlist haha xD I hope they will make the rest of the cast as well o:
When thinking about it I find it kinda weird though that DRAMAtical Murder gets a plush right away, the game was only released a few days ago o: Not that I mind but it makes me wonder even more why Gift didn't make Lamento or sweet pool plushes yet.
8 l. temu
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU >< !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much for providing me the chance to grab her ;___;...
I am at a loss for words right now, seriously.
Purchased her in a flash of light. Did I mention Thank you already 8D ?
Can't believe you decided to tell me instead of purchasing it for yourself, I mean, that's very generous of you. I had kind of given up on her already, she never showed up anywhere. So you really made Dschii a happy collector today ;w;...

Hahah, you're welcome^^ I'm not as generous as you say, I really want her but I have other things I need to save for. So you're actually helping me resist getting her! 8D

I figured you'd enjoy her more than I would. Be sure to post pictures when she arrives! =3
8 l. temu
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