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I want a BB hazama figure to come out :(
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Happy Birthday!! I hope you have an awesome day, and it's filled with loved ones, fun and of course some delicious birthday cake!!!, Enjoy it too it's fullest, take care,

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I am who will said that. Haha. :) well, you're welcome and thank you for accepted my friend request. I hope we get close and to each other. Thanks again. :DDeath6 l. temu#2411743Thanks for the friend request ;)
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Death5 l. temu#2413666Nice when you are done you have to let me see your work! also do you have a deviantart page or a blog with your other work? Will do! I do not currently, I closed a lot of the accounts that I had my artwork on because it kept getting stolen, and to this day I still posted up on different sites for sale, it's extremely frustrating because I want people to see it but assholes are making money on my work, so I trying to find a relatively safe place to post it up, but when I do I will let you know.
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Death6 l. temu#2410975Same as your collection, once I move to japan next year my collection will really start to improve. Also did you draw the picture in your avatar?

Thanks! Oh nice, Japan is such a beautiful, mystical, peaceful place, I love living there half of the year. Do you know where about you are moving too? If you have any questions, or need advice with anything, I will do my best to provide so. Yes, I did, she is a part of my series that I'm developing.
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Death6 l. temu#2411866Hi new person o/ I hope you enjoy the site here. I see you already have a nice figure collection started! you have a saber figure :D yay!!!

Haha, thanks for the welcome!
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Death6 l. temu#2411868Wow such a big collection and just starting out on here as well? I am kinda jelly ;_;

More than 10 years of ^^ collection, I have not done everything
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Very great collection :)
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Thanks for the friend request, always good to meet fellow collectors. You have a quite a nice collection going!.
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I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
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