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Happy Birthday !
5 l. temu
hi ^^

I'm selling my Selvaria Swsimsuit, if you're interested ;)
7 l. temu
Sorry for the late update but I received the Hustler figure and couldn't be happier. Thanks again.
8 l. temu
Thworsh Blacksmith Legend
In case you ever try to sell the remainder of your items, I thought I'd leave some feedback with my experience ---

Fast shipping. Cute packing, lol! Thanks
8 l. temu
Happy Birthday!^^
8 l. temu
9 l. temu
I think I saw you in the category of people wishing to get the Captain America figure?
Would you like to buy it....selling it over here.sale/?mode=view...
9 l. temu
Congratulations ^^ have a great day
10 l. temu
De-JaY Teitoku
Happy Birthday!
10 l. temu
yakumo You said Nendo?
Happy 47th birthday ^_^
Have a great day
10 l. temu
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