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A Metalhead Shutterbug who randomly starting into Anime arround 2008 due to fascinated by Selvaria Bles' grace (hence my first & always be my number 1 waifu), then moving forward loving her Illustrator Raita Honjou. Thus, my motive into Anime world and end up collecting related stuffs.

I love what i post, i post what i love.
You'll find mostly NSFW Collectibles in my possession.
Sorry for marked & resized pictures, bad experience a long time ago.

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Sorry my bad.. just cleared up my inbox. Thank you for letting me know!
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Hello! :)

Yeah! I'm very excited, but also very nervous...would really like to work for this company. :) And yeah exercising, even if it's just a little, is so good for your health! I am actually slightly annoyed right now, because before the whole moving I was quite fit. But once I started packing my house in the Netherlands fulltime I was so tired after every day that I couldn't keep exercising and also resorted to a lot of instant and fast food. Since I got here in Finland I'm picking up exercising again, but it will take a long time before I am at the level again of things I could do last November... *sigh*

Uh-Oh! I'm not good at seperating topics, so hopefully this is ok. Feel free to shuffle around your answers back if that is easier for you. :)

General Pokaż zawartość spoileraUkryj zawartość spoileraThat specific one of 'the worst area in a good city' was indeed the poorest area. Most people were without a job, on benefits or working minimum wage. Not much people owned cars and if they did, they were really banged up ones. There were also some people with higher income, but with a lot of kids, so it was the best they could afford (especially single parents). Luckily not much people were on drugs, because in the 'worst area in a bad city' where I lived there was a lot of people selling and using drugs and regularly we would find homeless people sleeping in and around our building. And they would make a mess and pee everywhere. D: Not to mention the break-ins in that neighborhood...at least twice a year. I lived in the 'the worst area in a good city' apartment for 2+ years and not even one break in happened. And the worst neighbour was a 'famous' fetishist guy that regularly got picked up by the police, but his fetish was blondes, so I was safe. @.@ So *cough* anyhow this are where I live now can indeed be called 'overcrowded district inhabited by the not-so-rich people', and with that it's better than the one with everyone on minimum wage/benefits/jobless. This area only has apartment complexes that were quite recently build (~2000's) and relatively cheap because they are so small. So you are able to live with good public transport to the big city for a low price and probably without needing a roommate even if you have low income. My husband and I are looking for a new place in an area a bit more up north which is even newer build (~2010's) and has a mix of apartments and houses. What always surprises me is that apartments and houses are priced nearly the same, while you get way more living space in the house. So although we originally were more interested in getting an apartment here, we might go for a house again. I mean, I want to enjoy my hobby's and a house won't get cramped too fast.

Your story is interesting, because what you describe is what in the Netherlands the 'middle income/average' neighborhoods would be. Our last living place over there was in such a neighborhood. Nobody was rich, but we were all able to live normally. There wasn't a scare for drug abuse/selling or any break-ins and most of your neighbors were trustworthy types (except for specifically the ones living next to us, just my luck right?).

Haha I have no idea, man! I've been here for a too short amount of time to be sure, but I've heard some stories about 'traveling' beggars. They come from Eastern European countries and Russia to here. So I assume they earn the most money in tourist season and then go back home? It's still also really wild for me, but a train ride to Russia from where I live is only a couple of hours and pretty cheap! Would like to use it maybe next year to check out St. Petersburg. :)

About the 'nobody is bothering you' Eastern European countries I went to, they are Czech and Hungary indeed. :) There are a lot of other Eastern European countries I want to visit, I've had very positive experiences with them. But right now I have no clue what I can expect in terms of amount of days off as I'm searching for a new job.

OMG haha. Well I guess every not so famous country gets those kind of issues haha. But it's still strange, I mean, those people buy flight tickets that state the country they are going to, right? :x

LOL, that is a great looking shark, almost like the top picture. xD I do like it when people get creative with tattoos and/or prosthetics combined with the missing limbs and/or scars they have.

I can imagine everyone that goes through something like that when they loose a limb or in another way get handicapped. And luckily most people push through after sad months/years of time and then indeed also can start making jokes about it. For sure if I would loose any limb I would be angry and annoyed at getting to use a prosthetic or having to live without the other leg/arm/whatever. Heck, this is absolutely not so bad at all, but about half a year ago I sprained and got an infection on the index finger of my right hand and it took 4 months to heal (and even now sometimes still feels a bit weird if I use the finger too much). Even with missing just 1 finger to use, everything I did was just slowed down so much (using computer at work, trying to do groceries, have to watch out with exercising etc. etc.) and sometimes I would just be angry about that STUPID FINGER holding me back of behaving normally. So yeah I have mad respect for everyone overcoming and/or living with their handicap.

Haha sorry for being nosy and asking. xD But wow! I thought you could use at least one hand. :O From the way you write it, there is maybe a possibility of ever training your right hand/arm again? Now I feel even more stupid complaining about my finger. @.@ And I know it sounds weird to say, but the hook looks super cool. :P The hook seems easier/lighter to use rather than a full prosthetic right?

Also totally not related, but the dress of I'm assuming your girlfriend looks really pretty in that picture!

Unfortunately it looks like my planning will be like this the upcoming weeks:
Next week: Interview #2 and if they like me enough same week interview #3 (final one).
Week after that: Getting a new tattoo, so body will be 100% dead Why do I do this to myself LOL Well afterwards I like it, but I'm super nervous upfront and through the process not happy as well. :')
Week after that: Would be the 1st working week if I get hired next week.*cries* But it's important I start earning money again as well. The money for the tattoo is separately saved (as this was booked more than half a year ago), but it still feels weird to drop a load of money on something while you are not earning money yet.

Yeah man, sorry for being so rough, but it sounded so fake to me to put a huge disability disclaimer on a job opening. For some reason to me, if it doesn't get addressed, but just 'is there', is the best way. Just apply if you have a handicap or not and if it turns out at the job interview they are assholes about your disability, you don't even want to work for them. I don't know how it is in Finland, but in the Netherlands there would be specific government budgets if companies hired disabled people. A specific company I used to work for back then worked together with an Aspergers/Autism fund and they could get people with those disabilities as workers for really cheap and then the government would fill up the rest of their pay. On one hand, it was a good thing such funds were there, but on the other hand we also had many instances where there was uncertainty if the fund could continue to pay up and if that would be the case, the workers coming there through the fund would be out of a job right away. And you know, what you tell sounds really nice! I mean, it's not fun that you feel the need to hide it, but you are sure you are not getting 'pity likes' and people really think you do nice work. :)

Music and computersPokaż zawartość spoileraUkryj zawartość spoileraHaha no problem! Normally people will tell me, 'weren't they big in the 90's/2000's?' and think they have disappeared since then. :') While they only started doing worldwide tours since 2010+. Haha my husband said something similar last night so I guess I'll have to buy DOOM when it releases. *checks calendar* Ah shit it will release in what is probably the first week of my new job. xD

Oh dang I am impressed with the feet-setup (that sounds weird, but I don't know any other name for it LOL). I am not even able to move my toes enough to think about operating a keyboard with it, but I think after years of training for you, you can get (almost) as fast as working with hands? Give it some more years time and I think we also will get our technology good enough to operate computers with your brains/thought, that might be something I can still see happening in our lifetimes. :)

I think I also spot the MSI dragon in your desktop? :) And yeah I'll also make a picture of our temporary setup later as it already uses that prettier screen I talked about. :)

Ours is a build from 2017 iirc, which was top of the line back then, but is now slowly showing age. I'm sure my currently highest wished games will still work fine (DOOM Eternal and RE3 Remake), but we already noticed with the latest Anno game that the computer was wheezing and whirring a lot more with sometimes a bit of frame drop when on highest settings. I hope I can still play DOOM and RE3 on highest setings, don't want to settle for 'high' if there is an 'ultra high' or 'extreme' LOL.

Anime and collecting Pokaż zawartość spoileraUkryj zawartość spoileraIt's pretty crazy how most prizes in that line went. I recently saw that Atem goes for ~$500!!! Now, I love that figure but if someone would come up to me with $500 cash I probably can't say no...haha!

I used to be hugely into anime when I was in high school and college and nowadays that has toned down, but I am really obsessed about my couple of specific favorite series (which are also the most in my collection). But if you have to let me choose between anime and video games, it will always be video games. Which is kind of strange, because I own way more anime collectibles. I guess because there is a lot more cool stuff out there from anime?

With music, I come from a family where everyone is into rock and then I got into electronic music myself when I was in my teens. My husband is the one that influenced bits of metal to me. xD

Oh snap, also the one with the Mannequin? I think it's so much more beautiful than the one with the Lying Figure. We both should have just gotten the other 2 copies off eBay those years ago, but little did we know!

MegaHouse used to be an amazing manufacturer in the past. Just check out their gorgeous older releases from the Queen's Blade series! And hehe, you think you want to get Rorona now?

And about recommendations...ooff...so much! Haha! But in general recommendation, I'm mostly into collecting Strike Witches and their scaled figures are really beautiful and dynamic. With a lot of them being quite affordable on the aftermarket as well. I have no clue if you would be into them, though. Here are some pictures of a few of my SW shelves:

https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/04/25/2202115.jpegPICTURE #2202115

PICTURE #2207278
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Hello! :)

Feeling a lot better right now, would say I'm 90% fit again, started slowly exercising again a few days ago and off the pills. xD I'm happy with that because this week I got a 2nd job interview at the company where I had my 1st last week. :) So even through my half-sickness I managed to make an impression. xD

Yeah when you are still a poor student or working your first job(s) you don't have the money to go somewhere better yet. When I got my first job out of college my coworkers from back then were shocked that I lived in the 'worst apartment complex' that was there in that city. They would offer themselves to drop me off/pick me up etc. to which I replied "This is the best apartment complex I lived in so far, I feel completely safe.". :') Which was true! I went from bad city with bad apartment complex to good city with bad apartment complex and the difference was HUGE. :P And it's not like that starter job paid me well enough to get to something better quick. But yeah anyway over here right now, this area is pretty nice, I just shouldn't wander off (especially not alone) in the older areas. About beggars/drug addicts I guess it's also 'out of season' right now LOL, when I was here in September for a visit I saw a lot more during 'tourist season'. Multiple people over here told me they don't get stopped by beggars as much as I have so far, but I guess it's also because I look like a confused tourist most of the time I am outside. I still can't find most stuff by myself so I'll be looking around for street signs with my phone in my hand. :') But yeah with beggars I have a lot of different experiences! The ones over here quickly leave you alone if you say 'no', but the ones in my own country would be very annoying, keep following you, keep talking to you etc. I was also surprised when I visited multiple Eastern European countries where there would be higher amounts of them, but none would approach you personally.

Oh maaan, you sold them to someone local for cheap then? I have made similar mistakes when I was a new collector as well. Especially with selling small trading figures that are worth like $50 off for a couple of bucks. I'm sure the buyers just resold them for a profit. OTL I don't need top price for everything, but I'm more careful nowadays. And oh! That is so cute that you have a gf that matches your two main hobbies! You also do most of the concerts together?

Hehe that is good! :D There are 2 kinds of people in that: The ones that joke together with it and the ones that get offended. I like the ones with humor, I right away have to think of this picture LOL.


But I guess it also really depends on if the person still has trauma, bad scarring or regular pain if they are more chill with it. By the way, how do you do it with typing these messages? I guess one handed or does your super prosthetic already work for things like this? :O

Good old times?! They're still super active! :D Their latest song came out 2 weeks ago: www.youtube.com... . I'm not that big of a fan of the song (yet?), but I love the video. And man you can't ask that question! Feel Good inc. made me an even bigger Gorillaz fan, but Clint Eastwood is the best classic, oof! If you want to listen to more synth, let me recommend you my favorite band in it, Dance with the Dead. :) This is their most metal-like album: www.youtube.com... and this is their most famous one: www.youtube.com... , both are very good in different ways. :) And yeah Hans Zimmer is goood, I like it whenever he does the soundtrack of big movies! I especially love his work together with Daft Punk on the Tron movie. That movie sucked, but I regularly listen to the soundtrack still. About E.S. Posthumus, I'm pretty sure I listened to one or multiple albums from them before, the name is very familiar. I'm in public right now without headphones, so I've just put it on my playlist and check it out later this week. :) Idk, I have not seen any announcement about it, but if you read somewhere that Mick Gordon is touring again with the DOOM soundtrack please think of me and let me know. xD Same for me as well, big fan of DOOM from the beginning. :) I liked some of the 'weirder' ways they went with the franchise like DOOM 3 as well, but I think the last reboot is the best. Still doubting if I will pick up Eternal directly after release or wait a while. I don't have time for new games, but maybe I have to make time for a new DOOM. xD Oh wait this is a good time to brag about my PC setup, good for the music together with the game. 8)



It actually looks even better now, as a couple of months ago we got a new and bigger curved screen. 8)

Sometimes there are unexpected good deals on there. I'm still hitting myself about one from 2 years ago. Suddenly a seller had three pieces of ITEM #148160 for a very affordable price. I thought it was iffy as the figure is an exclusive and there are some bootlegs out there. Then another user on here decided to try it out and got an legit copy! So when I went back there to see if any of the other pieces were still there...they were all sold out. And since then I see it for only at least 2x the price IF I find it in stock...SIGH.

Yeah I prefer to use the least amount of medicine possible and normally try to stop asap even if I don't feel fully good yet, but I made an exception here as I really wanted to be 'at my best' for the interviews. Now I luckily don't need it anymore. :)
Now I sound like the person regulating. xD But yeah lots of tourists get in trouble here because for some reason they assume everything must be legal and Amsterdam is just an adult playground...sigh. Oh yeah and the number of tourists that try to convince me Amsterdam is a country and not part of the Netherlands...double sigh.

That's sad to hear. :( But tbh the complete opposite side can also be a bit...strange? Not sure how to explain this well without coming off as rude, but here we go LOL. I recently applied for a job and the last 10 sentences of the job opening was this huge story about 'how they are an open for everyone workspace' and 'provide extra aid if you are any kind of disabled and want to apply for this position' and for some reason it just sounded like some fake PR rant to me...although the intentions are good of course. Maybe I'm just too matter of fact but I just can't imagine a company throwing dozens of applications in the trash because someone replies on the job opening 'Hey, I have bad mental health, can you help me write my letter? I promise I'm good for the job!" :T

I hope that when I get hired I am able to take a couple of weeks off before I actually start. I went into the job hunting right after getting here (don't want to have too big of a gap on my resume) and want to do a combination of resting and fun days out. :P
Yeah in anime most of them are above average or you get thrown in the loli niche. I celebrate the few figures out there with average and natural looking sizes, like ITEM #61401 .


Adorable. :)
9 d. temu
Thanks for the friend request, very interesting list!
13 d. temu
Hello! :)

Got unexpectedly sick and am still recovering, so sorry if some sentences are a bit of a weird ramble, not feeling good enough to proper spellcheck. :P

Yeah, when we were college students and shortly after college we have lived in some really shitty neighborhoods and especially when you have such an expensive hobby like figure collecting it's no fun (many reasons, but the main being the high amount of packages you always get). And haha, do you mean the neighborhood I'm in right now or my last one in the Netherlands? The one we have right now over here is an interesting one. It feels very safe to me and is also pretty quiet, but it's a relatively new neighborhood closely build to some 'worse' neighborhood. So I guess in this area only time will tell if the good part spreads out or that it will keep divided like this. The local shopping mall is an interesting combination of the two groups as well. But in general crime is very low in this country. The only bad stuff I've seen so far is about 1 drug addict a week in public (transport) (which is super low considering it's a capital city :P) and sometimes beggars, so far I think I also got on average stopped once a week by someone asking for money.

Nice! :D Ah, I see you even had the limited edition one of Kaiba. :) Most figures in that line got pretty expensive over time as well, but some of them also got re-releases. My collection nowadays is mainly nostalgia and I've let go (or am letting go) of figures I just bought for aesthetic reasons. In the end, for me nostalgia and how much a series means to me is more important than a figure just being pretty. It took me many years of buying before I realized that though, lol!

I know it's a bit wrong, but I had to laugh when you say 'you leave your arm'. It shouldn't be something to joke about, but just being able to leave a limb at home sounds...useful at some times I guess? xD I can imagine that the prosthetic can be quite heavy if worn for a long time? I do now have to think about the cool technology I see pop up every now and then with mechanic arms, although we probably are born too early to see them working in a video game/anime style in our lifetime. :P

For me, I listen to a lot of genres, but the main group I can ramble about for hours is Gorillaz. :) It's the only band where I go to every concert/event that is announced and try to own as much as possible from their merch. :) And then general just high interest in electronic and rock, but I can listen to almost every genre. I mostly go through 'phases' with what kind of genre I listen to. Right now it's a lot of calm music, but I'm sure it will be louder music once I start working again and need to keep energy/motivation high. xD So far most people on this website I've found into similar music as me, stopped talking to me after a short while, there are some J-core collectors on here as well. Hrmm, interesting, do you think Perturbator has the same flaw as I do? Some of his albums have a bit more vocal than others or are a bit louder or slower, but for me it blends a bit too much and I couldn't tell you which song belongs to which album for example, even though I listened quite a lot to his stuff. :P I know Two Steps from Hell, but in a way that... *sigh* It's so overused in a ton of trailers and online videos, that I have a hard time to take it seriously anymore? Hrmm that's a tough question with DOOM! The classic 'E1M1/At DOOMs Gate' (including the super stupid DOOT www.youtube.com... version :') ) brings back memories in every version, but from the remake game I actually think it's 'Mastermind' or 'Vega Core', both so over the top! Loved playing the game to that music at well. :D Did you know they actually toured with the last soundtrack as a concert? I completely missed out on that and only heard it afterwards. Have been keeping an eye out if they want to do something like that for DOOM Eternal, but have not seen any news about that yet. Are you into the DOOM games as well, or only the music?

Well, if you ever start your own metal band, now you have a band name/song name and inspiration for you first album, LOL.

Haha yeah most collectors despise eBay, yet still at least yearly buy something from there. xD Sometimes you just want a certain figure and are tired of browsing all the random websites to find them in stock. :P

The interview went well, but now battling semi-sickness and have to hand in an assignment for them this week. D: I think I'm able to do it, MFC right now also helps a bit as a distraction from the hard work I've been doing on the assignment so far and the pills I've been munching the last few days to be able to stay awake and without a headache. xD

Please, don't visit Amsterdam. LOL. If you ever go to the Netherlands again I'll give you a list of must-see things and some cities worth a visit. Amsterdam is just cramped, overpriced and there are more tourists than people living there. And a lot of people get in trouble there as well as people all assume drugs are legal (which they are not, which surprises a lot of people :P ).

It's too bad to hear that there is almost no support for work with disabilities in your country. :( Here in Finland there seems quite a lot of help, although I have not seen it function in person yet (maybe I will see at a next employer). In the Netherlands it was pretty bad. Most employers would just skip over people with disabilities and the only support the government could sometimes give was depending on your disability and the money your family earned, they could sometimes give you some financial support or benefits. But in general most people would just hide disabilities (if they are possible to do so) until after they were hired somewhere. In your situation it's really nice that you had those clients from a long time ago and can continue to keep working on them, and do work from home! I mean, I understand it's not a perfect situation, but luckily you are in a field of work where quite a bit of your tasks can also be done without having to be bound to a location!

Yeah once I am employed again and have some more moneyflow I want to go more on days out so I can also go to more interesting places for my pictures. :) I'm more into photographing nature rather than cities or buildings.

I think Tanya has a really nice artstyle and her messy looking faces remind me of YGO, especially Yami Malik going wild. xD I love it, haha! Let me know what you think of it when you got to it! And by the way! Did you know she also voices Eevee? It's the cutest thing~ I melt everytime.

Haha here on MFC most people seem to be either on the 'big breasts team' or the 'flat chest team'. So if an user on here multiple times mentions either of the two, I'm just assuming that's the side they are on LOL. Personally I wished there were more 'average sized chest' figures in existence. ^^''
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Hello! :)

Yeah, I'm currently not looking for something ~perfect~ but I hope to have at least a decent size apartment and decent neighborhood. Currently we are temporary in a studio and although all basic needs are here, it's really cramped with two people and it's already a pain with how our basic items are set up right now. My desk from which I am jobsearching is literally placed in the kitchen area. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ When I had to do a video interview a week ago I hung a bedcloth behind me because otherwise the background would have been too strange to explain. xD

Hehe, you a YGO fan as well? :) It's one of my favorite franchises! I am thinking of maybe letting go a part of the collection, though. My favorite pieces are the Kotobukiya figures, so I'm thinking of letting go the lower quality figures and other collectibles.

I have moved 5 times now with this large collection and when we find our new place here it's going to be the 6th. I'm so tired of it... I hope the next place we get will be somewhere we can stay at least 10 years... >.<

Oh wow! If you don't mind me being nosy, but that sounds pretty though! I mean concerts and festivals are generally a strain on the body and very tiresome and you travel and do so much while also having a prosthetic limb! :O Respect! :) I hope the check-up goes well and you'll be able to travel again later in 2020. :)

Hehe, I do am a fan of loud music, but more...electronic loud instead of metal loud? :P My image hosting is a mess, otherwise I could refer to my older blogs, but I have quite a big physical CD collection from J-core artists. :) But when it comes to harder synthwave, I prefer Dance with the Dead over Perturbator. :) Perturbatoris nice, but I find it a bit too repetitive sometimes. You know, I do like some metal music, but a lot of the singing in metal is not my taste and it's quite hard to find good instrumental-only metal bands, I mainly stick to soundtrack music for that. My favorite being the soundtrack of DOOM. :) Can't wait for the new DOOM as it will bring another great soundtrack together with it for sure! :D

When he made me out to be a war glorifier I though "Is that an actual thing or did he make that name up?" so I googled it and it's an actual thing apparently. :P There are also hate-comments (mainly on other sites) for other franchises about these things (like Azur Lane, Saga of Tanya the Evil, Strike Witches etc.). Most of the people raging on the internet about it seem to be very pro-military and also seem to be ok with dramatized war Hollywood movies (even praise them), so I find their way of thinking veryyy confusing. I guess their logic is that if it's realistic it's OK, but once fantasy elements are there, it's bad? I'll check/reply my PM and reply on there after this message. :)

I personally don't like selling spaces where bootleg is everywhere, even though I know what to avoid. Because of that I prefer to buy from Japanese shops, Japanese auctions, MFC users or local sellers before I resort to eBay. It's like some kind of backup for me if something is hard to find elsewhere. Almost never you get the best price on eBay, but almost everything is in stock at all times... :P

Thanks! I'm having my first 'in person' job interview since coming here next week (before that only video interviews and assignments) and I'm looking forward to it as it's for a company I really look up to. :)

Lol nope. I only was there once myself because I went for a short trip to Germany and it was also the train station I had to use to exchange trains. xD I really don't know people visiting that place except for the ones that book train-tours across Europe (like you did). :P But I'm at least glad you went to a more 'normal' place in the Netherlands, most people visit Amsterdam and think we are weed and sex country. :P

Oh wow, that is a lot. xD If you don't mind me asking, how are you even able to do so? Even if I would have the money I barely had jobs that would allow me to regularly have days off to go to events.

Well, I'm trying to get back into figures 'digitally' now (reading up older reviews from others, checking new entries here I missed), I also got a new camera half a year ago where I have not practiced enough with aaaaaand I'm thinking of maybe getting back into crosstitching haha.

LOL, well Tanya made let me made an exception in this expensive market, so yeah I LOVE her. <3 :D We haven't talked much about anime yet, so I can't say for sure if it's your taste, but personally I thought the fantasy world and the special powers in there were very good. The plot also has a good 'twist' I don't want to spoil yet. :) If you like alternative history stuff and cute looking girls doing badass things, give it a watch! :) Just basing on your icon, I think you'll like it. ;) Tanya is also voiced by ENTRY #8652 who is sooo precious! <3 She's really good with switching to Tanya's crazy side.

But figure-wise Tanya might not be the 'look' you are going for? ;P A big chunk of my collection is cute looking girls that are actually badass and/or wielding big weapons. So Tanya fits right in that alley. <3
18 d. temu
Apologies for the late reply!! Thank you so much :D!!!
19 d. temu
Hi! Here is the combined reply. :)

Yeah if I would be somewhere for less than a year I wouldn't go through the effort of selling my house and moving all my stuff. :P Packing everything up and all the extra costs that come with a move are such a strain. X_X I hope we can find something nice to live in here soon and I won't have to think about a possible move again for a long time. @.@

Well, I have been really slow with unpacking my collection at my previous place, only about 25% was unpacked in total: PICTURE #2249975 before I had to start packing it up all again for this move. :P Now with my next place I really want to put more speed in unpacking everything right away when we start living there and don't be in such a situation again. ^^''

Are you going to Tuska this year for sure? I'm sure my husband will want to go. I'm not a huge metalhead myself (more into rock & electronic), but I saw that Perturbator is coming this year. :)

Well, the last city I lived in the Netherlands in, it was almost 4 hours travel time one way to go to Amsterdam, sooo.... :P

Jup, I actually got into a 'fight' on here with someone that was angry about me liking the KC X LS figures. :P He started a whole rant about how I'm a "war glorifier", to which I just replied:


And he went to the MODs and tried to get me banned. xD Spoiler alert: he didn't succeed. :P Weird thing is that he is still very active on here and responds to quite a lot of really explicit hentai figures, which is more OK in his mind I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hrmm, those three sites can be hard to get older releases on, I guess keep on checking out AmiAmi preowned? You might find them there and be able to combine them with your other orders there.

My experiences with eBay are pretty good as long as I buy from sellers in from JP, EU and USA. I avoid all other areas there.

Thank you! I am in the hands of the housing market here though. :') In general apartments here are very small and things of an above average size seem to sell very quick.

One day I will have free time and pick up blogging again about my purchases. xD I hope I will have a job here soon, because right now so much time gets sucked into the applying for jobs and all the assignments they give me. >.<

Kerkrade is not really popular to visit for the average Dutch person, no. Haha. It's because it's very far down south, so it's a pretty far travel for most people living in other areas in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is the highest populated in the West.

Which were the last places you traveled to for concerts and which bands? :)

Yeah, I never understand people that tell me that they are bored. I always have too much to do. xD But sometimes it would be nice if I could just focus myself on 1 or 2 hobby's instead of my usual rushing through things and having a lot of half-finished stuff. xD

I barely bought anything new in the last couple of years, only a few must-gets which were mainly from Kotobukiya as they are still sort-of affordable. I did an exception for ITEM #604888 as I love Tanya and I find this her only good looking figure. But for the rest...well, my income did not increase as fast as the prices in this hobby, so the hobby is in general a lot less fun. :( When I get to buying again I rather focus on older releases and GK's. Especially with GK's, if I have to drop 10K+ yen for a figure, I rather want one that is really special and a limited release, so those figures feel worth it more to buy than the current prepainted massproduced market...
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I just hope to have a separate collection room again in my new place. :) My collection doesn't need to get bigger imo, but I want to display nicely what I have without cutting hopefully too much. ;)

Yeah a good thing with this website is that you always have a huge and complete list of everything you own. ^^ Although I haven't been keeping up that well lately and almost everything from my ordered list I now already own, but I find it a bit of an annoying hassle to start moving things to other lists now lol. I will get to that when I finally have time to blog about my new purchases. :)

Haha, it is indeed! I have lived in the Netherlands for almost all my life and even I had to Google 'where on the map was Kerkrade again?'. :P But I know it's a connecting point for trains if you want to go to Belgium or Germany, so that made the most sense for someone being there as a tourist. xD And oh, that's cool! So it was like a photography tour/vacation? :) Do you travel a lot by the way?

I have just...way too many hobby's LOL. So in the end I never have time to do at least one of them properly. xD I used to be pretty up to date with figure collecting, but am now completely out of it as well. I have a bit of free time this weekend, so I might try to get up to speed a bit with figure announcements/releases. xD Even when I buy less (those prices nowadays are no fun), it's still fun to see what all gets released. :)
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