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AntiGravity8 l. temu#1030382sir sorry for asking this unrelated question. sir do you already have the carddass OP 11? usually how long it takes to recieve the package from amiami based on expirience? Thanx also nice for wcf vol 23 and 4. looking forward for other reviewIt usually takes about 1-2 weeks using SAL small packet for me, but I am sorry to say that my financial situation is not exactly ideal right now, so I have to make some cuts with cards being one of them. I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm stopping for good, but right now it's just not a priority for me.
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AntiGravitysir Morcef i found this on ebay www.ebay.com/it..., Do you think this is where u can get the alternate art for the MR? ThanxIt looks like it. The MRs on the box art are indeed the alternate MRs for that set. And I'm with you on Marco - considering that all the MRs for part 10 are Zoan users, it's stupid that their Zoan forms aren't the default.
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AntiGravityBtw can u get different design for the same box picture/387732&... like this one?I'm not entirely sure on the details, but I believe those alternate designs can only be gotten from vending machines - you can't get them in the boxes.
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AntiGravityjust watch the video about OP9 Carddass. that's a really lucky box to have 2 omega rare btw when i watch that vid the box contain 20 packs right? do they also have a box with 12 packs because this store at my place said that "they think it's 12 not 20". Thanx looking forward for more figure review. sorry to ask some unrelated question.The only boxes I know of have 20 packs per box. If they do offer 12 pack boxes, then they must not sell them online, because I've never seen any.
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AntiGravityThanx for the link. also their is a store at our place they sell $5-6 per pack. is that to much?Yeah, that actually is pretty expensive. If you buy a full box from AmiAmi it pretty much ends up costing about $2 per pack (even with shipping), so in other words 1/3 of the cost. AmiAmi doesn't let you buy individual packs, though, so if you don't want to buy a whole box, that's up to you. It is kind of cool though to have a local place that sells them - I don't have that option. :)
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AntiGravitysir do know any site like MFC but instead of figs it's more on a card/tradig card? i saw your vid in youtube about your collection of One Piece Carddass. Thanx for the helpNo, unfortunately I don't know of any. It would be great if there was such a site, though! As far as Miracle Battle Carddass goes though, the official site www.miraclebatt... has a very comprehensive list of all the cards (though they can be a bit slow when putting up the new ones - they really like to keep the rares a secret for a while). The site's all in Japanese of course, but it's not too difficult to navigate.
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AntiGravitySorry to ask something Random. Figma or Nendoroid? ThanxI don't know if you can really compare the two. They're both completely different products, so it's ultimately up to your own preferences. If you like pose-able figures, then Figma would be the way to go. If you like super-deformed characters, then Nendoroids.
For myself, I only have one Figma, so I'm obviously biased towards Nendoroids. I just like they're style and I think they offer something unique compared to other figures. I don't have anything in particular against Figmas - I just prefer the detail of the static PVC figures over pose-ability. Usually when I get a figure, I pick the pose I want to put it in and it stays that way - I don't really bother with posing them differently after that.
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Happy New Year!!
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Merry Christmas!!
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PVC anime figure store.

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