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Hey guys! My name is human. I come from the stars, and I am a perfectly normal human worm baby. I love to game, watch anime, and read an occasional book or manga. I also collect YuGiOh cards. Peace.

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Alex_Yagami6 l. temu#2416111APPEARANCE certainly matters when you are on TOP hahaha learning Japanses can be pretty fun.
Dir En Grey, eh? Pretty hardcore. Can't say they are my favourite but they are quite well known. I started with anime like most people (I imagine). I just like how Japanese sounds, ya know? It's pretty cool.
So do you listen to any other Japanese bands nowadays (other than Hatsune Miku)? :3

Well I used to be hardcore on visual kei/jrock so I listened to a lot of that. And then ofc Miku and now it's mainly anime songs and Love Live! songs, just weeb stuff.
6 l. temu
Alex_Yagami6 l. temu#2413985haha I love that last one! I remember how my sensei used to teach me to write women by using kunoichi(female ninja): ku(く) + no(ノ) + ichi(一) = 女. That's pretty awesome. Why did you want to study Japanese?

Yeah I've heard of that one! Also just remembered my story for "sugata" 姿. For one definition, it can mean appearance. So my story is "the NEXT (top part) time I'm on TOP (because it's on top) of a WOMAN (on bottom), I'll care about my APPEARANCE." It's amusing to remember things this way.

I started learning Japanese after I heard Japanese music for the first time. The lyrics and sound intrigued me. The band was Dir en grey.
6 l. temu
Alex_Yagami6 l. temu#2410310So about 4000? Right? lol I prefer speaking and reading too. Remembering the order of strokes is pretty hard. Do you have a special strategy for memorizing them? Or just lots of practice?

Yeah !! Stroke order is crazy hard sometimes hahaha. I try to memorize bits and pieces and then put them together. So I start by remembering the radicals. Like when I think of 持つ and 待つ, I know that "holding" would require your hand (hence the hand radical) and "waiting" would require someone to wait for, hence the radical on the left looking similar to 人. And my favorite is 能. I call this the "Mu Tsuki Heehee" character because you write it as ム、月、ヒ、ヒ hahahaha.
6 l. temu
Alex_Yagami6 l. temu#2408882Wow. N2 Japanese? How many kanji do you know?
Nice collection btw.

Thanks! No idea how many kanji I know. I'm really forgetful so I suck at writing them but I'm slowly breaching N1 material so... Speaking and reading is a lot easier for me than correctly writing kanji lolol
6 l. temu
Alex_Yagami6 l. temu#2239325Hi. Just letting you know that I received the items and am very pleased with everything. Thank you.
Yay, I'm glad! :3 Enjoy your stuff and happy collecting! <3
6 l. temu
Alex_Yagami6 l. temu#2198991Hi there. I saw that you are selling Taiga Beach Queen. Is it the Dengeki version (with hair buns)? Also do you ship to Canada? If so, how much? Thanks. (Your inbox is full btw)

Oops, sorry about that! Cleared up a bit of space now. Thanks for letting me know!

And yes, the Taiga is the version with the hair buns. :) I'm shipping from the US, so shipping will be $15. Let me know if you need pictures or if you have any other questions, okay?

Thank you for your time! :)
6 l. temu
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
13k sexual police unopened
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otaku-cupcake Megley (◡‿◡✿)
Alex_Yagami8 l. temu#1025376hmmmm Have you cosplayed before?
Yes,once. As Rin Kagamine.^u^
8 l. temu
otaku-cupcake Megley (◡‿◡✿)
Alex_Yagami8 l. temu#1016775Why not? Did you like it? I've been going there for the last five years. This year the line was ridiculously long >_<
I did like it,but I ended up going away the weekend of anime north. >^<"
8 l. temu
otaku-cupcake Megley (◡‿◡✿)
Alex_Yagami8 l. temu#1015685Yes, yes and you guessed it, yes. :3 I guess I like crazy or rather "unusual" people. I do live in Canada. I'm not a big H.P. nerd but I'm proud to say that I was reading the books before the movies came out. haha
Have you been to any conventions?

I went to Anime north 2011,but I wasn't able to make it back this year. ^^"
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