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Hello. My name is Sanya. (Alexander)
To me 23 years. I live in capital of Russia in Moscow. Partially I suffer syndrome Hikikomori.
I look an anime from 13 years. Favourite genres in an anime it certainly - a drama, daily occurrence, a parody. I very much love an anime of the drama and difficult psychological animes. I consider all our life as the continuous drama.
By collecting I am taken about one year. My priorities in figures it is a series of figures Strike Witches. I want to collect full collection Witches ^ _ ^ the Most favourite format of figures 1/8... Is cold I concern to Figmas and Nendoroids, it are pleasant to me big PVC Completed more.
Write I will be very glad with you to communicate.
P.S. Forgive my bad English.


Hmm another birthday. I hope this one is good too :)
1 r. temu
Have a great birthday, full of Sanyas, and all the other things you love :)
2 l. temu
I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
6 l. temu
Sanya avatar! She's the best :)
6 l. temu
Happy birthday! :)
7 l. temu
С Днем Рождения!!! =)
7 l. temu
С днем Рождения)
7 l. temu
-Reisen-7 l. temu#1403188Hey. Long time I was not here. In Russia, everything is fine now, but too cold to -14 in Moscow. I would like to visit Japan, China and America, but yet feel that the financial difficulties.

No worries :)
Ha wow that's cold! Russian winters are legendary for their freezing temperatures.

Yes for sure. I'm broke too. I would love to go to many places but of course I cannot afford it. Maybe one day we will be able to travel though! :)
7 l. temu
Sanya :) She's the best! No one better to represent your homeland (even it's only implied) ;)

How's Russia? I've always wanted to visit but I can't afford it.
8 l. temu
С левел-апом ^^
8 l. temu
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