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So here it is! Found it! :D
I remember first seeing this somewhere else. It was way before I had my own Nendoroid Eren, so when I saw this I was thinking
4 l. temu
She's just making sure you wash behind the ears, Eren...
6 l. temu
Mikasa's becoming a hentai stalker these days.
6 l. temu
Attack on Eren's decency
6 l. temu
The combination of cute, claustrophobic, and kind of creepy is a real winner!
6 l. temu
Wow, Mikasa is really creeping me out... in a cute way, lol
6 l. temu
Mikasa being a peeping Tom lol
6 l. temu
"I just want to lick your neck..."
6 l. temu
PaleLightning M9000 is a trap
That isn't awkward at all. But what the heck, this is quite cute
6 l. temu
Come on, Eren! Don't be shy!
You are naked when becoming a titan anyway :p
6 l. temu