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    Apr 13, 2014

O obrazku

Multiple exposures were involved. Everything is a photographic element, including the fireflies. Making-of: plus.google.com...

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Excellent *Proud*!
6 l. temu
Great photoworks! it's amazing to see how you create this!
6 l. temu
Very nice!! I love amount of effort you put in creating the scene.
6 l. temu
jintoo Where is my mind?
omg ! I see so many beautiful pics of it... I will end to buy it =0
6 l. temu
Absolutely brilliant. *slow clap*
6 l. temu
At first I was like "they forgot to change the picture OTD!" but then I noticed the background was different. Nice shot! This figure looks gorgeous.
6 l. temu
Great photo!
Thanks for sharing your making-of ^^
6 l. temu
Just like the official artwork!
6 l. temu
edit: oops
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