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O obrazku

Probably should've squeezed in the sides a little and used less post editing vignette...-_-

C&C always welcome :)

Komentarze31 komentarzy

i am in love with this picture 0_0
8 l. temu
Nice ^^
10 l. temu
nice love the light
10 l. temu
This is so cool! It looks as if she is charging through the forest to a foe just beyond. Great shot =)
10 l. temu
really nice pic! >___<
10 l. temu
This is stunning!
10 l. temu
good shoot!
10 l. temu
Beautifully taken. The post-processed background complements Momohime's pose very well!
10 l. temu
This picture is fantastic! One of the first things it reminded me of was the movie House of Flying Daggers. The picture has just the right balance of light and darkness to give it an amazing mood.
10 l. temu
Great picture!! Momohime is so beautiful!!
10 l. temu
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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