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violin leek music nendoroid contest#1
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    Jun 19, 2009

O obrazku

While Miku continues trying to master her violeek, Pastel Ink begins to wonder whether changing music sheets will make any difference and Nozomu thinks his ears will explode.

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nice idea^^
10 l. temu
lol at Nozomu XD
10 l. temu
very nice shoot :D
I love love love it ><
10 l. temu
Leonia nya~

I just want to prevent you, that I use your illustration on one of article of my blog, Shadonia (www.shadonia.co...) for illustrate my favorite picture of the month. I naturally quoted your pen name and gave the link of your gallery but I wanted to warn you to be polite.

Really nice shooting ! Congratulation !
11 l. temu
Lenneth the blue valkyrie
Poor Pastel Ink! hehe cute pic and I love the angle of the shot
11 l. temu
xD Awesome
11 l. temu
kodomut Nendoroid MacGyver
Ink standing on the chair is 10/10 cuteness XD
11 l. temu
Hachune Miku dribbles about making leek powder xD
11 l. temu
iMat Pokemon Master
Zetsubou-san is in despair, and I cannot blame him.

Hachune Miku does not seem to concentrate enough...:3
11 l. temu
Great picture !
11 l. temu