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cat red hood riding akazukin
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O obrazku

I took this photo just before the other two with Reimu and Kureha, but I didn't really like it... It was less cute and interesting than the other pictures. Oh well, nevermind, I'm finally uploading it.
Beware the Big Bad Wolf err Cat, Little Red Riding Hood!

PS : Just after the photo my cat began to bite her. :'D

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I would never dare to place a figure that close to a cat. Considering the fact that the cat is a moving object which travels on a random path and might end up close to a figure by itself any time, keeping one in the same house as your figures is definitely not recommended.
Cat+any nearby object = Cat+very damaged object a few minutes later.
The same applies to any living animal with sharp claws or teeth, or anything that can climb up to shelves and cause the figures to fall down.
9 l. temu
Grandma what big eyes you got..
9 l. temu
Klon Solo Rei basta!
Fantastic! The expression of the cat couldn't be better for this picture.
10 l. temu
Cute picture! <3
I love your cat she´s so a cutey and beautiful! *___*
My cat isn´t so nice! xD
10 l. temu
Jenthehen Otaku at Law
Ahh ~ two things I love: figures and kitties :3
10 l. temu
Muntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・
LOL your cat is just like...Lil' Red, why are you disturbing my sleep -NOM-

Beautiful cat hair =w=
10 l. temu
This cat is amazing! Stunning hair!
10 l. temu
Omg dont tell me thats ur cat's natural chest hair!!! Even its head its a little bit shaped like a wolf's head!! Its awesome!
10 l. temu
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