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kotobukiya tony_taka sakuya matsumoto_kouei shining_blade
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Looks really epic ^_^
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great idea and effort, the result is fantastic!
7 l. temu
Fantastic effort! You definitely put a lot of thought into this picture.
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Bloempje Hunting my grails
It looks like she is standing in a volcano with magma behind her, really amazing!
7 l. temu
Wow that's amazing, really cleverly done too :)
7 l. temu

Everything in this photo is genuine, including the glowing sword, done by shooting a LED beam up her sword from the bottom, hidden behind the rock the sword is resting on. Black paper-backed aluminum foil on the rear side of the sword confines the light within the sword itself without leaking out from the sides.

The rest of the materials used are all Styrofoam, the irregular shape achieved by melting them with gloss spray cans, and waiting for it to harden, then paint it. 4 lights are used – 2 from the bottom (one straight up, the other at an angle), one on Sakuya, the fourth on her sword.

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Exclusive anime goods from Japan!

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