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ponytail green_hair blond_hair skirt orange_hair okama child gun cape necklace bracelet goggles hat pirate knife mask bag staff high_heels coat princess animal jeans katana belt vest long_skirt shorts leather_jacket sandals tattoo one_arm cleavage cloak swan fire kawai rifle megahouse midriff pop weapon apron flame bandages reindeer anchor fork ballet_shoes mikan orange tangerine armband bikini_top cook long_nose belly_button long_hair black_hair female red_hair blue_hair short_hair blue_eyes male boots long_coat one_piece nico_robin nami usopp sanji monkey_d._luffy portgas_d._ace franky camouflage scar
sword santoryu sogeking portrait_of_pirates roronoa_zoro brook carue smoker tashigi bellemere tony_tony_chopper arabasta arabian shirtess straight_bangs shirohige_pirates portrait_of_pirates_neo red-haired_shanks mr.2_bon_kure nefertari_vivi
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O obrazku

This is my collection of Portraits of Pirates in my new home :)

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amazing collection u got !!!:O:O:O he cost like 3000$$!!! :O
9 l. temu
thank you all ! :)
9 l. temu
yeah amazing collection.. nice one.
9 l. temu
Great collection!Will you buy the Strong Edition too?
And so rare Carue and Soge King!=) and of course,Luffy looks great on the 1st shelf)
10 l. temu
Waaah quelle collec ! jadore jaimerais trop avoir le tiers de la tienne =3
10 l. temu
il me manque le Usopp/Chopper oui :)

xenocard, don't wait too much because the release can be out of stock quickly ;)
11 l. temu
Incroyable il t'en manque une ou deux^^
Tu as du dépenser beaucoup
11 l. temu
once the snake ladies figures role out, hancock sama!!!! i will buy every mega house onepiece, i heard they are re-releasing them soon, their prices are painful right now....(drooling over kuma)
11 l. temu
thanks Lelouch!

Superchan, i don't think that it is the screen time which make a character important or not !
their are many characters (Shanks, Dragon, Barbe Blanche, Ace for example) who are important in the manga and we see them only few episodes. i prefer a POP of a charismatic character as Mihawk (the number one of blades men) instead of Princess Vivi and Carue (i only bought them to complete)

but it is true that the Mega House POP is probably the bigger line !
It is also because there are 50 to 100 One Piece characters in One Piece ;)
and the figures are always sold out fast so they never stop (for yours pleasures)
11 l. temu
i have follow the One Piece manga too.
But to say the true the One Piece P.O.P line is to big.
I don't know other manga/anime series with so many different character release for scale models.
How much screen time did Mihawk get to be so poplulair.
11 l. temu
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