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1/5 scale figure released by Tsukuda Hobby. Figure is made of soft vinyl and PVC.

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Zetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do I? XD)
I hope you don't mind if we borrow a part of this pic for the thumbnail of the Hikaru Shidou entry. Thanks! :)

EDIT: Turns out that this is a different figure. Please make an entry for this. :)
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Zetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do I? XD)
Wow, indeed. This is the rare Hikaru figure.

I like how they made the gems shiny.
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@ mememo, Tsukuda Hobby made all three charters. I'm not sure exactly when they were released must have been in the mid 90's. All three are hard to find in Tokyo, especially Hikaru. They come with a base and support rode that should always be used since after time the vinyl body will bend.
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mememo Sale Hunter
Nice rayearth figure i have never seen this figure before i really like it
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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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