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O obrazku

So uh, guess which character from Steins;Gate is my favorite? :3

> Whoops, Nendo-Kurisu is using a face from Nendo Reimu ( ITEM #12036 ), because it is adorable.

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Ahhh, GSC's Makise looks so beatiful, can't wait to have her! (´;ェ;`)
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TwilliK Mukyu~
The BQ is pretty small, but not overly so (she's the same size as my other BQ). GSC's 1/8 just feels huge. Because she's standing very straight/tall. The extra inch or so from the base doesn't help, either.
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I'm so jealous of that figma :< Kurisu is also my favorite but I missed out on that one.

The one Kurisu looks huge though.
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My word, that Beach Queen is tiny.
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She kinda looks big on this :D
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Nice collection!
...I Definitely need the BQ version (_´Д`)
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