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    Dec 25, 2011
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    Dec 25, 2011 - Dec 31, 2011

O obrazku

reupload reducing fps D:

okay just for LOL, hope you guys like it XD

credit for FUS RO DAH! www.youtube.com...

Woaahhh..!! didn't think would be this powerfull XD
thx for all comment, rate and favs :D
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jesus christ how was this not picture of the month during that time... who won LMAO
10 mies. temu
love skyrim. and figures xD :3 great combo!
5 l. temu
Fus ro dah ! xD
6 l. temu
This wins both the internet AND the universe. Awesome!
7 l. temu
great xD
7 l. temu
hahaha this is great! The fluid animation just makes it even better. Poor little Miku D:
8 l. temu
Very great! *v*
8 l. temu
Oh god, this is great!
8 l. temu
how frames do you do per second? it looks smooooooth.
8 l. temu
fus ro dah itu artinya apa?
8 l. temu