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    Dec 02, 2009

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Es una foto impactante, el ataque queda estupendo
10 l. temu
That is pretty tight!
Koolness effect! XD
10 l. temu
Awesome idea. I love playing with light plus exposure time, but it never ocurred to me of doing it together with figure photography!!
10 l. temu
Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
Pure awesome...Now do it in Pink with the upcoming Alter one and I'll love you forever. :p
10 l. temu
Pretty cool ^^

Though not like the anime, is nice nonetheless.
10 l. temu
nice light trick, i like it
10 l. temu
Shiddo 一匹狼
Not rly fitting the original shape and color of her power in anime etc, but I like it ^^ Nice effect
10 l. temu
This looks pretty sweet...I like the lighting trick
10 l. temu