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    Oct 27, 2011

O obrazku

She's just arrived :D

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awesome photo, love the atmosphere in it :)
8 l. temu
8 l. temu
That's one mean lookin' B-Ball player.
8 l. temu
Thank you very, very much, everyone!

And I agree that she looks like the heartless/blackmages/everyotherblackfacedtinyeyedcharacteroutthere :)
8 l. temu
muy buena foto, que envidia...XD

pero no importa porque dentro de poco voy a tener la mia!! (O_o)!
8 l. temu
well you can tell me what ever you want, but it reminds me to the heartless
8 l. temu
Is tht the dark mage/black wizard frm final fantasy? =_=
8 l. temu
8 l. temu
no, another "poison" :(
8 l. temu
ehhhhhhhh! now you make me want her
8 l. temu
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