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o o f t
2 mies. temu
oml so we need a room to display our figures and another for the figure boxes
4 mies. temu
All the love in the world.
4 mies. temu
hopefully one day i'll have this much space to store my figure boxes
5 mies. temu
Wow :o that’s a lot of boxes
5 mies. temu
JoeyTheAsian5 mies. temu#104327066I enlisted a team of 5 other people to haul in the row of 400lb 4'x8' cabinets down the stairs into my basement and it's still not enough to fit my current collection. Currently working on installing half a dozen shelves in my office for the overflow (mostly the bunny plantation because 1/4's are too damn tall)
Seriously not looking forward to what's in store for me.
Bought a mcmansion so I could display my overgrown collection.
Still doesn't fit. What's next?!.. buy a museum?!

It's time to get creative. Cabinets don't have to only go against a wall, you can put cabinets back-to-back and essentially build another wall. Think of it like building a library, only displaying figures instead of books. Also by going back-to-back each cabinet supports the other, avoiding tipping issues. I have done this with a pair of half-size Billy's, works well and the space above the cabinets doubles as empty box space.

Outside of being claustrophobic, this is a good solution imo.
5 mies. temu
RedHapa5 mies. temu#104351182Ah yes, the great wall of figures. Displaying them is a big dilemma for me because I don't want to just shove as many as I can into a case or on a shelf. So they just sit there waiting one day for my lazy ass to figure out something.
Lol I'm in the same situation. I haven't had a glass display cabinet yet and I don't want my figs to get dirty so I still keep them in their boxes. XD
5 mies. temu
I also do this! I’ve never ever thrown a single box away and have a room that looks just like this. I do look at some displays on this site and feel envious but if I ever unpacked them then I’d have to put the box somewhere and I just don’t have the room!

I’m glad to see him not alone in my box collecting!
5 mies. temu
Wild!! love how it looks
5 mies. temu
riceball-girl5 mies. temu#104327602But that's half of the figure's price if you wanna re-sell it. I'm all for getting rid of the packaging inside of the box like bubble-wrap, plastic bags and cardboard pieces, etc, though.
That's the point I was making. It's just wishful thinking tbh but I wish the value was in the figure, not just its cardboard box. At the end of the day that's what 90% of people will be displaying.
5 mies. temu
Your source for old and rare figurines!

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