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O obrazku

Starring BGS, Fate and Mugi

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this is great!! x'D
5 l. temu
mugi should be like "I'm sorry, this was the biggest sword I can get for now. I was actually asking for one of the bigger ones..."
8 l. temu
sarusaurusLOL awesome!!!!
thx :)
9 l. temu
LOL awesome!!!!
9 l. temu
Anime-IslandOH snap a Gundam sword!

Now if this was a contest between men figures, the Gundam 00 Sword would have won on length, but Gundam Blue Frame would have won on girth. Then MSN-06S Sinanji would have rolled in with his SHEILD and said that it's shields that count, not swords.

not very familiar with Gundams... but yeah there should be other longer ones that the Blue Frame one
9 l. temu
chowthat's from a gundam, Blue Frame Astray :D
yup, it is an MG
9 l. temu
iChelintanIdk whose sword has won but all I know is Mugi's moe-ness is epic

that's from a gundam, Blue Frame Astray :D
9 l. temu
Idk whose sword has won but all I know is Mugi's moe-ness is epic
9 l. temu
RyuumiGaroukunilol... Mugi came, saw and conquered! XD
she did^^
9 l. temu
that's nice, really.. really nice! XD nyaa~
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