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kyoukos8 mies. temu#71758175Sugar Heart☆Intensifies

They way you wrote this made me smile. :)
8 mies. temu
Sugar Heart☆Intensifies

She's seriously adorable though, it's nice to finally see more pictures of her!
8 mies. temu
This is my second project Cinderella figure made by AmiAmi Zero and both were really, really good. On Shin Sato there is absolutely nothing to complain about, she is near flawless. The only tiny thing I found was a small red paint spot on the back of one foot right under where the bow-knot of the shoe is (but one does not really see it unless you are actively turning the figure looking for mistakes).

+ great quality
+ insane level of details

+/- the peg is just plastic but it fits and holds her tight (so far)
+/- the box could have been made smaller (but it looks so adorable!)
8 mies. temu
Bringing the hobby to your door.

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