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Kotobukiya Pokémon Figure Series 2016-2018!

Please check out my unboxing videos of figures if you have time! Thank you!


Also some of my other pages! :D



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PeanutButter10 mies. temu#67590049ITEM #872642
Here you go :3

Awesome...best for last : S
10 mies. temu
Mmiayiuckoi10 mies. temu#67589760So awesome! Did they ever make a Dawn (my favorite T_T) one?

ITEM #872642

Here you go :3
10 mies. temu
So awesome! Did they ever make a Dawn (my favorite T_T) one?
10 mies. temu
very nice pic! congratz
1 r. temu
Gotta buy them all! :p
1 r. temu
absolutely amazing collection! Thank you for sharing and for putting best girl Serena at the front eue
1 r. temu
you catch them all!
1 r. temu
koto produces gen 1-7 except for 2 and they fix it in this year
1 r. temu
wow this collection is so amazing, they look great together!!
1 r. temu
They all look so amazing together ;___;
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