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    Dec 06, 2018
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Because of work I had to stay at my mothers place on the weekdays. But of course I need to have it cozy around me ♥ so this is my little, cute room at my mothers place! Compared to my flat its really small, but I like it ♥

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Very pretty setup!!! where did you get those lights in your detolf if you don't mind me asking?
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My dream room, once I get six figures.
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This is such an amazing lovely room. You can feel the warmth in it.
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What a comfy room! looks amazing :O
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Awesome setup! ^_^
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Amazing! Congrats on Picture of the day and week!
I looove your rooms, your flat, how you display everything with little lights and candles.
Soo nice, never stop!
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Aimaileafy1 r. temu#45171807Of course ♥! I loooove Precure! I love Magical Girls in general, so of course I love Precure aswell ♥ magical girls are just so amazing man
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super lovely and super cozy! <3
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What a beautiful room! Room goals
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Welcome to Entertainment Hobby Shop JUNGLE!

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