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Mirukage2 l. temu#38369997Nice exposition!! Amazing collection!
Ooooh thank you, it's kind of you ❤
2 l. temu
Nice exposition!! Amazing collection!
2 l. temu
Kykou2 l. temu#38190231Gorgeous! ♡
Owh thank you >.< ❤

ptitange232 l. temu#38198576Congratulations !!! Beautiful collection !!!! :D
Héhé thank you very much :3
2 l. temu
Congratulations !!! Beautiful collection !!!! :D
2 l. temu
Gorgeous! ♡
2 l. temu
LouW2 l. temu#38152048Nice Collection :3
Thank you ! :3

amthetruehero2 l. temu#38155779I REALLY need shields like that!!
Beautiful ❤❤

Oh Thank you ❤. Yes, I find that the detolf showcases are not too expensive and are perfect for displaying a figure collection.

AkibaMelon2 l. temu#38173086Pink and purple walls ftw <3
Oh yeah ❤ ! I can't endure white walls at all. I need rainbows in my life :D (as you can see with the nyan cat in the corner 8D).

Shibarinya2 l. temu#38179236OMG! This is absolutely amazing!
Oh thank you very much,it's kind of you ❤
2 l. temu
OMG! This is absolutely amazing!
2 l. temu
Pink and purple walls ftw <3
2 l. temu
I REALLY need shields like that!!

Beautiful ❤❤
2 l. temu
Nice Collection :3
2 l. temu
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