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O obrazku

Who got the best booty? Choose wisely. ( ≖ ͜ʖ≖)

Best butt award goes to...

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Oh, my!
1 r. temu
I'm not even surprised that the most meaty boys are at the top. :D

Maybe being a little biased here, but Rei has the perfect butt. Not too t h i c c, not too flat. And those are some beautiful thighs!
2 l. temu
*_* Beautiful and sexy men !!!!! It's for me ??? xD loool ;)
2 l. temu
Even though Sousuke is my favourite still had to vote Makoto.
Ah well, he's my second favourite anyway
2 l. temu
I don’t watch it so don’t know who they are but judging from booties alone secondfrom the left I think!! Lol!!

Found him, didn't even think about the figures being linked the right....it was Makoto. :D Voted.
2 l. temu