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Still no news about the secret one?
We'll only get to know it when we receive our orders...That's too far away.
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Lenneth If the double is somebody cute thats okay but if it's....
I hope that the double is Miku, RIn or Luka. If it is, I'll use it like the present to my friend. :3
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Any ideas who the secret is?
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Why must they use a generic nendo shadow? D:
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Zetsubo-sanLicensing issues?

IMHO, GSC is having issues to get Internet Co's rights for Gumi and Gakupo. The fact that they're not from the same company is a huge stone in their way =/
I think creators of songs are having the same problem when selling their songs, too.

Getting rights from fan-made characters is much easier - specially when no one knows who the real creator is, which is what happened with Neru.

Oh, and I don't think Gackt has anything to do with this. He probably doesn't hold any rights for Gakupo's image.
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Lenneth the blue valkyrie
oooh, beaten by Mia putting this up. haha ^_^

There's something I do not get and it is, you get 12 petits in a box but there is only 11 to collect. So in every box you must have a double even if you get the full set. I can't see why they couldn't have added in another character. If the double is somebody cute that is okay but if it's....
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Zetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do I? XD)
Meh, Haku and Neru <_<

Oh and in case this might get asked ~ Don't get me wrong. I don't hate those Fanmade Vocaloids but what I really HATE is that they are prioritized more than official ones like Gakupo and Gumi. Why? Is it the same reason why there's no Genesis Rhapsodos Play Arts -- Licensing issues? curse you, Gackt Whatever. So GSC can't persuade Gackt unlike Billy, huh?

Secret... not really excited about it.

But KAITO-sama! *w*
and Miku with the Leeks is beyond adorable. :D
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