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    Apr 01, 2011

O obrazku

I´m gonna freeze you all :D !

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good picture
I love Cirno here
9 l. temu
So adorable! I love the lighting.
9 l. temu
Very lick-able indeed.
9 l. temu
Good picture. I like it
9 l. temu
Very pretty.
9 l. temu
Amazing lighting.
9 l. temu
9 l. temu
Strife212 Original Blue
Cirno Baka
9 l. temu
Creative & good shot !
9 l. temu
Thanks a lot for the comments and for make this loli Cirno the pic of the day >_<.

For the lighting, I used a light table with a blue cellophane under it ,I had to put some towells around it to secure the zone XD,and for the background I used a black carboard.

Thanks again and regards ^o^!
9 l. temu
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