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    May 13, 2017

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No figures were harmed in the making of this picture... no wait!
5 mies. temu
Is that a cat or a dog? I can't tell. :(
1 r. temu
Fatal Ferret...?
3 l. temu
Pure gold.
3 l. temu
id try this with my rats but theyd chew my figs in a second lol
3 l. temu
This is the best thing.
3 l. temu
haha! This one was really something xD..
Love it :D
3 l. temu
I like this! Well done :)
3 l. temu
I've tried taking photos with my ferret, but i always end up with some terrifying face. Love this picture your fuzzy is adorable (':
3 l. temu
There's something in that pic that reminds me of the famous tapestry "The Lady and the Unicorn"; just like in the legend, only a pure virginal maiden like Ilya can calm the savage beast. Good job.
3 l. temu
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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