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    Feb 28, 2017

O obrazku

Custom nendoroid Genji from Overwatch. Started making him late November last year, but only managed to complete the whole thing last week, due to busy schedule. ><

Parts break down:
Pokaż zawartość spoileraUkryj zawartość spoilera
Stormtrooper body (First Order), Ichigo's head (coz it fits in the helmet), and Hotarumaru's sword. Armor was hand-made.


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Thank you everyone!
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chachachow3 l. temu#18619275Exceptionally well done!! How did you put together the helmet and armor?

I used thin foam sheets and black felt to put the helmet together. Had to look at several photos of Genji from different angles. As for the armor, I used that stretchy fabric (nylon, I think, that used to make tights), and basically designed it like a "leotard", before gluing the armor on it. I wanted to make it removable, that's why I couldn't put all the other details on it, without damaging the whole thing.
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Azukay3 l. temu#18642748I need healing. I need healing. I need healing.
"0 Heals."

Pro-tip for those fledgling genji mains in the making. The system allows you 4 repeated usages of any of the voice clips before it locks you out for a bit for spamming. You can squeeze in a 4th "I need healing!" to truly provide encouragement to your support in the most efficient manner.

Mada Mada away my young sparrows.
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I need healing. I need healing. I need healing.
"0 Heals."
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WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Valestein33 l. temu#18620394"Ryuuji no ka-BWAAARGHH!" Genji 2016

This right here is the best sound.
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OujiRainu3 l. temu#18620224I love using him and he my favorite character but I suck playing with himxD

I tried. I fail bad. LOL. I'm good with stuff like Roadhog, or anything that doesn't require pin-point accuracy ........ .other than Bastion, because I get to spam.
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//mercy main crying
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I'm a healer user

and I both love and hate this picture.
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Absolutely amazing, i hope he gets an official nendoroid one day, he is my most played hero.
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Saw you on the GSC page! I really love looking at customs, I do some customing myself. Great work!
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