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    Oct 03, 2016

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I call her Ghost lady Miku.
1 r. temu
it is pure without editing that makes it great. but, you could make it better if you do settings in software. this is beautiful
3 l. temu
such a nice landscape! :D
3 l. temu
i really love it : D
3 l. temu
So beautiful! :D
3 l. temu
Beautiful! <3
3 l. temu
Well done!
3 l. temu
Lovely ;3
3 l. temu
Tenmashi a.k.a. Viince-kun
So beautiful and mystic. <3
3 l. temu
THANKS A LOT!!, after a few hours into the survival mode of SFV, i needed this picture (absolute serenity)
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