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Virtually every Fairy Tail figure out there save for 3 Tsume Art ones I don't especially care for and the Taito D prize Gray. Shown are all the X-Plus 1/8 and 1/7 scale figures, three of the four X-Plus gigantics including both exclusive versions, The Floral Lucy being my holy grail, all 3 Good Smile Company figures, both Taito Lucy and Erza as well as the uber rare D Prize Lucy, Erza, Natsu, and Wendy. Tsume Art Erza, both Cat Lucy's, Amakuni Lucy and Erza, SEGA Lucy with Plue, and of course the Funko POP set and a rare Lucy from a gaming company. Aside from the figures are all 3 oppai mousepads of Lucy, Erza, and Juvia, the A Prize Taito Lucy mousepad, Taito Prize Alarm clock, Taito Lucy glass, and both Taito Aquarius and Leo celestial spirit keys. My special edition manga is below and another Aquarius key hidden to the side. Oh, and did I mention I am a Lucy Heartfilia fan? XD

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Nice :D
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idol4 l. temu#14755170this is so impressive!

^__^ Thanks! I am so happy to finally have them all! Although I would like to find the Taito D Gray at some point as well.
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murialita4 l. temu#14673183I'm thinking you might have a slight interest in Fairy Tail. Nice collection!

Just a little one... XD Thank you! Finally got just about all the ones I want and now they announce NEW ones :D
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this is so impressive!
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I'm thinking you might have a slight interest in Fairy Tail. Nice collection!
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