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O obrazku

Just got the last of my im@s nendos today.

Didn't turn out how I wanted, but oh well.

Edit: Added all the related figures.

I think I might make some more banners, but not Idolm@ster related.

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This is really nice.
3 l. temu
Cute! :D
5 l. temu
Very cute! ^^
7 l. temu
This banner reeks strongly of cute and awesome.
8 l. temu
AWWWW, I WANT THESE! I LOVE idolm@ster! Great banner~
9 l. temu
This is so cuite. I love how you have two amis cuz there is no mami. By the way, I can't seem to find the 1day1pic category on the dropdown list and I'm trying to post one.
10 l. temu
Yeili 蝕心毒姫
Singer_YunaAaaaw how nice banner!!! Like it a lot ^^
Petit nendos rule!!!

Thanks a lot, Yuna!
11 l. temu
Singer_Yuna All along the Watchtower ♪
Aaaaw how nice banner!!! Like it a lot ^^
Petit nendos rule!!!
11 l. temu