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omg len looks so cute <:
Please make all of them, stronger :D
4 l. temu
I want that Len and Kaito so much and Meiko is sooo beautifull here <3
4 l. temu
animegurl4 l. temu#8468801That would be so amazing if they made them alllll.. =3=
that would be not bad xD
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pls delete this post
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Terrence Collects scales exclusively
Seeing all of them would be wonderful. I'm personally hoping Luka gets made because she lacks scale figures aside from the Max Factory one (aside from Kaito and Meiko, but Stronger's got them covered here :D)
4 l. temu
If ever they make Len, I hope they make the accessories on his hair a combination of translucent and transparent. and his hair should also fade a little. and I hope his cornea is made of clear blue glass.. A girl could hope xD
4 l. temu
That would be so amazing if they made them alllll.. =3=
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