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    Sep 23, 2015

O obrazku

"Shall we go for a walk, Ojou-sama?"


Komentarze30 komentarzy

I set this as my phone lock screen :) Beautiful work!
4 l. temu
So very beautiful! <3
4 l. temu
So beautiful! :>
4 l. temu
Thank you so much again for the faves! Glad you like it. ^^
4 l. temu
Neevester Neverender
So beautiful! Love the colors!
4 l. temu
Beautiful <3
4 l. temu
Really pretty.
4 l. temu
4 l. temu
Beautiful! So lovely..
4 l. temu
xiaonianp4 l. temu#3596655Very beautiful!! But miku's face seems out of focus?

I noticed that too a bit. I'm trying to make her look to Munechika but I think I may have to tilt her a little further. Thanks for pointing that out.
4 l. temu