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    May 04, 2015

O obrazku

Thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments! Hopefully this will inspire more people to post how they display their collections, for I always enjoy seeing what people come up with (and so that I can 'borrow' your ideas >.<)

Link to center cabinets www.target.com/...
Link to tutorial for raised Detolfs BLOG #8861

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it might be too late for my comment , but I was wondering through your experience which one is better to display figure . is it the glass one or black one ?? your reply greatly appreciated .
1 mies. temu
SmikuSmiku Umbra Witch
Did you put the glass doors on the middle cabinet yourself??
8 mies. temu
the monogatari and hyakka ryoran collection, im jealous! and that megurine luka in a sea of mikus hahah
1 r. temu
Fantastic display.
5 l. temu
makes me want all of the monogatari figures
5 l. temu
so many nice large figures and theyre grouped by series ;w; very beautiful
5 l. temu
this is kewl >.<
5 l. temu
MrsRococo No Spoilers!
dmil55125 l. temu#2960027Glad you like it ^^...Here is a link to the two center cabinets www.target.com/..., I got them both while they were on sale. The doors are custom made using a large sheet of acrylic and wood trim used for picture frames. Maybe I can do a tutorial if I ever make another one :P

If you ever make a tutorial you would be the god of all cabinet hacks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *o* Thanks so much for taking the time to respond back :) I've been refreshing your picture all day hoping you would haha
5 l. temu
4catdoorman5 l. temu#2959827Nice. Are those LED display lights? It looks like they are the wave for illumination and your pic suggests great application potential.Rekka5 l. temu#2959649Ahhh! Where did you find the cabinet in the center?
Also did you put in the lighting yourself? I'm guessing you did...but I can still hope/dream of shelves that already have them installed... >w<;;

Lights are all dioders from IKEA www.ikea.com/us..., which are very easy to setup and use (if you can tuck away all the wires :P)
5 l. temu
Cantisama5 l. temu#2959352Physical manifestation of joy <3
May I ask, what risers are you using for Godoka and Mami/Kyouko?

Thank you ^^...I used a CD spindle case for Godoka, and one half of an acrylic baseball display cube you can find at most hobby stores www.amazon.com/...
5 l. temu
Welcome to Entertainment Hobby Shop JUNGLE!

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