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    Apr 26, 2015
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    Apr 26, 2015 - May 02, 2015

O obrazku

Thanks everyone for the great compliments! This is my Attack on Titan display, it occupies one of my cubes in my bookshelf along with other themed cubes I'm working on. This is the first completed display I've done.

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Truly badass....grats on such an awesome display!!
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how cool it is!
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Yup, I believe so. AndyError5 l. temu#2939319That's a cookie jar?!?
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Woah this is freakin' cool!
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Retro8bit5 l. temu#2934841It's almost like you're entering another world by looking at this pic.autumnlucks5 l. temu#2934902Super funky, and I find myself staring at the picture more than usual, lol. Job well done.dmayprecure5 l. temu#2940520Looks like its out of a movie.Lehst5 l. temu#2940132video converted to a gif? that's a good idea, it really shows off how dynamic your set up is. looks really freaking good! Thank you all! I wanted to create a AoT display, but I couldn't feel the impact of my display from just a 2D image, so I took a series of photographs at different angles and edited it together to create a seamless pan. Feels a lot more as if you are standing in front of it looking in, just what I wanted!

Then some post-process refining and then converting the video to a suitable gif size.
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StephieHerbert5 l. temu#2934280This is really amazing.Hitoribocchi5 l. temu#2934323Cool!astarte9525 l. temu#2935083This is awesome!ptitange235 l. temu#2939879Wooooooow !!! *o*kingidols5 l. temu#2940343So COOL!! (*o*)

Thank you all :)
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Looks like its out of a movie.
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This might be the only cool SnK display out there that contains Pulchra's Levi. Looks fantastic with the terrain under the Colossal Titan.
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So COOL!! (*o*)
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video converted to a gif? that's a good idea, it really shows off how dynamic your set up is. looks really freaking good!
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