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    Apr 12, 2015

O obrazku

I did not do this paintjob! I got very lucky in Akihabara last week and found this one in a box. :D

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It's so pretty! You are very lucky to have found her<3
This needs to be made into an actual thing.
5 l. temu
she is gorgeous..
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Great Job!!!
5 l. temu
Very jealous of this figure. If I had any painting skill at all I would love to customize prize figures. How much did you get her for?
5 l. temu
Retro8bit Old School Gamer
Man, Miku can look good in any color! :D
5 l. temu
I don't think they make a point of it since you can find tons of doujins in Akihabara and well those kinda brake copyrights too I guess. Yet they can sell those without getting in trouble so I guess the same goes for custom figures. As long as they aren't obvious mass produced copies that is, that would make them bootlegs and that's illegal. EleanorLamb5 l. temu#2895217Wow... I didn't thought that it would be allowed to sell custom figures like this. O: Or did they misstaken it as a real legalized figure? Don't really know the rules for the stores there. That looks so sweet and the paint is so good. Lucky you!
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Whoa this is an awesome custom! She looks so pretty! *u*
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I have no idea how the store is called. You know the street where gamers, labi and radio kaikan is? At the end of the street you have one corner where there is a ramen shop and maidreamin' and on the other side of the road on the corner there is a shop with those typical boxes filled with figures on the ground floor. I bought it in that store. Jitterro5 l. temu#2895342Amazing find! Did you by any chance get her in the Mandarake store? Or maybe Jungle?
5 l. temu
Amazing find! Did you by any chance get her in the Mandarake store? Or maybe Jungle?
5 l. temu
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