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taka ques_q takao ark_performance aoki_hagane_no_arpeggio:_ars_nova
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    Feb 18, 2015
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    Feb 15, 2015 - Feb 21, 2015

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I love how the light bleeds through her hair. Makes it feel even more translucent and light weight. Used it as the primer for this week's #figurefridaychallenge topic: Hair - goo.gl/HM1FY2
3 l. temu
Awesome! Love this photo
5 l. temu
Takao!! This picture makes me consider picking up this figure after all... Such lovely bright light!

I loved Arpeggio of Blue Steel, I'm really glad it did so well in Japan. I'm holding out for a Kongou figure <3
5 l. temu
Wow I love her pose !
5 l. temu
Wonderful figure and picture!
5 l. temu
Raithos Stagnant
Niiiiiiiiice figure, I like this
5 l. temu
nice figure *_* beautiful shot!
5 l. temu
Nice angle and bokhe!
5 l. temu
Thank you so much guys :)))

I don't know who is Takao but I always loved her design and this figure is almost perfect for me ^^
I love colors, pose and face.. beautiful!
5 l. temu
Perfect shot of a perfect figure! This put her back on the radar and ordered!
5 l. temu
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