Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!
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Here is my List Of Splits on forum :)
Also I can get the feedback here, Thank you for joining <3 I appreciate too much.

thread/15874 Persona 5 Dancing Stars Straps


☆ el cute Yuri on Ice Trading Acrylic Key Ring club/618/discus...
Acrylic Key Ring [Kiss Him, Not Me] club/618/discus... [only one on Sale]

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ 2000% Rubber Straps club/618/discus...
Color Collection Touken Ranbu club/618/discus...
Sol international Straps club/618/discus...
Yuri!!! on Ice Trading Can Badge club/618/discus... (Sold out on Stores)
- thread/15028 FATE/GO Sanrio rubber straps

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I participated in her el cute YOI split. Kyoya was so sweet and friendly the entire time :) Even when hardships came her way, which sadly caused a bigger delay on things and she was a bit slow with replies, she kept her head high and continued things until they were done so can be trusted 100%! Items were decently packed which must have been confusing considering how many sets we bought haha. Also, love to receive small gifts/candy with the package, much appreciated, thanks! ^-^/
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Kyoya joined my split of Gintama straps! Despite there being some sort of shipping problem that caused her parcel to be very delayed, she was very calm throughout the whole situation!

Thank you very much!!
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Kyoya memento mori.
Hi thank you for looking at me :D sadly no they arent anymore D: im updating this ^^
Good luck :cMontavely4 l. temu#8420061If the fe straps are still available, I'm interested in buying all four ^^
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If the fe straps are still available, I'm interested in buying all four ^^
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Is sakura still available
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