Persona 5 Protagonist Nendoroid custom outfitsPersona 5 Protagonist Nendoroid custom outfits

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Thief outfit / Official Nendoroid: ITEM #675861
Will order as many as possible. Will probably repaint the black lines on the mask.
Reference picHide mehttps://i.imgur.com/YnpLEFW.png

Winter School Uniform: ITEM #549461
Will have to figure out how to cut the tie off and make it look like a turtleneck. Will need to figure out how to get school emblem on.
Reference picHide mehttps://i.imgur.com/cizql71.png https://78.media.tumblr.com/52d3f6e8426c93d847bec1d4950cab25/tumblr_omwrrvQQ2x1si48w3o1_1280.png

Spring School Uniform: ITEM #439041
Top looks good. Seems like this one would be the easiest to split; I'm just concerned about painting white over black.
Reference picHide mehttps://i.imgur.com/uUEePkX.jpg

Gym Uniform / Workout Clothes: ITEM #689355 // ITEM #667682
I need to mod the inner shirt collar for the first one but Hinata's seems ideal, especially since his workout clothes are also black. Would just need to paint the inner shirt grey.
Reference picHide mehttps://pre00.deviantart.net/4d4d/th/pre/i/2018/152/d/2/persona_5_dancing_star_night__akira_gym_by_tuni_kun-dcd714t.png https://personacentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Persona-5-Gym-Uniforms-720x340.jpg https://i.ytimg.com/vi/AtHMrKxlcxs/maxresdefault.jpg

Casual Outfits
Pre-game Outfit: static.myfigure...
Might have to widdle down sleeves a bit.
Reference picHide mehttps://i.imgur.com/3KeHvDk.png

Winter Outfit:
ITEM #602156
I can take the lower body for the school uniform's instead.
static.myfigure... is also an alternative.
Reference picHide mehttps://i.imgur.com/OPR7n0r.jpg

Spring Outfit:
ITEM #72164
Chair and accessories are perfect as well!
Reference picHide mehttps://i.imgur.com/0c4uEkY.jpg

ITEM #674103
May need to order multiple lower bodies as well since it has a hands in pocket part.
Reference picHide mehttps://i.imgur.com/4sft2SQ.jpg

Swimsuit: ITEM #342448 // ITEM #667682
Could sew some shorts and put it on this or use Hinata's shorts.
Reference picHide mehttps://i.imgur.com/XcVitsm.jpg https://i.imgur.com/9Eo9MCY.jpg

Hoodie Outfit: Not sure what to do, period; need to establish the head/hair size first before I can hunt. Not sure which Nendoroids have hoodies, let alone ones with blazers. I could use ITEM #56286 or ITEM #166124
ITEM #639324's hood seems wide enough I think?
Reference picHide mehttps://i.imgur.com/O0xVYfq.jpg https://zone1-vgu.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Persona5RomanceGuide_Hifumi.jpg

Other accessories:
Glasses: ITEM #198350
Always looking to buy! Currently also waiting to see if ITEM #675865 will work.
Reference picHide mehttps://i.imgur.com/8xAzLLt.png https://i.imgur.com/jToBVD3.jpg

Phone: ITEM #675865 // ITEM #512116 // ITEM #639496

School bag: Might have to make from scratch and figure out how to get the school emblem on. Will also have to find cat parts for Morgana or cut off the head from ITEM #675865. ITEM #78601's bag could work. Handcuffs are also needed.
Reference picHide mehttps://s.pacn.ws/640/t4/persona-5-hidetori-gakuen-high-school-school-bag-524199.1.jpg https://s.aolcdn.com/hss/storage/midas/8faec9cbf77aa122bdcf83e906b0131e/205147081/persona1-ed.jpg

Brown bag: Same as above. ITEM #331549's bag seems to be the right length and color, though; I'd just need to cut off the accessories.
Reference picHide mehttps://i.ytimg.com/vi/WdIQLPXQk94/maxresdefault.jpg

Extra arms: ITEM #549399

Books: ITEM #604404 // ITEM #689330 // ITEM #396850 // ITEM #594250 // ITEM #713418
Dazai's faceplates may also work for him.

Apron 1: ITEM #370230
Apron 2 (alternate upper body for school uniform): ITEM #549395
Apron 3: ITEM #396866
Not sure what to do for the top.
Reference picHide mehttp://www.onemillionpower.com/wp-content/uploads/Persona-5-Making-Coffee.png

Frilly apron & cooking bowl w/ spatula: ITEM #396834

Coffee: ITEM #549357

ITEM #675865
ITEM #720973

Bath House: ITEM #687395
The tub body isn't exactly what it looks like but it works!
Also ITEM #335258 if I remove the bracelet.
Reference picHide mehttps://rpgvaliant.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/03.-Persona-5-Public-Bathhouse.jpg

Cards: ITEM #687395 // ITEM #396857
Might turn into Confidant cards or calling cards. I'll keep Shiro's card as is.
Reference picHide mehttps://i.imgur.com/Wggtjq6.png https://pre00.deviantart.net/116e/th/pre/f/2017/113/b/5/persona_5___calling_card_base_by_elmind-db6sdx3.png

Chess Piece: ITEM #455180

Trophy: ITEM #689355
Mod into Holy Grail.
Reference picHide mehttps://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/en-samurai-gamers-images/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/03060551/holy-grail-persona-5.jpg

Medal: ITEM #512116
Recolor blue band into Kamoshida's medal.
Reference picHide mehttps://resource.supercheats.com/library/640w/2017/1494273747may022a.png

Scarf: ITEM #545088

Magic Effects:
Ice shards: ITEM #549360

Lightning: ITEM #464726 // ITEM #323991 // ITEM #549351

Fire / Water: ITEM #454347

Fire: ITEM #594458 // ITEM #687395

Red & White bullets: ITEM #633680

Alternate Outfits:
Prisoner Outfit: I haven't the slightest idea where to even start from here.
Reference picHide mehttps://www.gamerbolt.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Converted_1-780x405.jpg

Christmas Outfit: ITEM #675861
Could mod body into Santa outfit. Will need ITEM #593027's hat.
Reference picHide mehttps://pbs.twimg.com/media/DY9a-u1VwAAwoBt.png https://i.ytimg.com/vi/hgxjW3q_cBs/maxresdefault.jpg

Halloween Outfit: ITEM #548713 // ITEM #727455 // ITEM #729413 // ITEM #729416
Atsuko's hat seems to have a wider brim while Diana's outfit is longer and is more accurate. Atsuko's broom riding parts would be nice. Harry's is perfect since everyone thinks he looks similar but the outfit isn't quite accurate. Hermione's looks better.
Would need to find a cape / shawl for the top.
Reference picHide mehttps://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dc5w0E1X4AA0Igz.png

Beta design:
Hair: ITEM #639496 // ITEM #512116 // ITEM #675853
I know it's slicked back but I highly prefer Itaru's look over Yuuri's, although I might get it anyway. Okabe's slicked hair looks like it would work better, though.
Bag: ITEM #27609
Body: ???
Reference picHide mehttps://i.imgur.com/Bxr86Jp.jpg

Butler Outfit: ITEM #5599
It seems like all I need to do is add stripes and paint the tie red. Not sure what to do for the monocle.
Reference picHide mehttps://i.imgur.com/w4JW9nr.jpg

Dancing All Night: I need to find a Nendoroid with a handkerchief and wearing two shirts, and a lower body with suspenders.
Reference picHide mehttps://i.imgur.com/pD7fPAo.jpg

Dancing Star Night:
Lower Body: ITEM #675934
Reference picHide mehttps://i.imgur.com/zWzB4v6.png

Punishment Cop Drag:
Body: ITEM #216501
Reference picHide mehttps://personacentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/P3D-P5D-Male-Cross-dressing-12.jpg

Yukata: ITEM #675965 // ITEM #675973
Not sure which style would suit him more. I might keep the blue one as it is and mod the purple one.
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HazelOwl2 l. temu#37370351What about the Naegi (#352) nendoroid for his hoodie/blazer outfit?
That is a good idea, yeah! Thanks! ^^
2 l. temu
What about the Naegi (#352) nendoroid for his hoodie/blazer outfit?
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maggie2 l. temu#37210038I hit the little alert bell for your list so I'll see if it changes, that should help us figure out where our interests align maybe? XD
Hopefully. @_@
I'll be making another list for my self custom Nendo which will have more female parts but hopefully there will be something you'll be interested in as well. ><
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I hit the little alert bell for your list so I'll see if it changes, that should help us figure out where our interests align maybe? XD
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