toi8 - NO.6 - Art Book - toi8 Design & Art Works (Ichijinsha)toi8 - NO.6 - Art Book - toi8 Design & Art Works (Ichijinsha)¥ Kup¥ Kup

toi8 - NO.6 - Art Book - toi8 Design & Art Works (Ichijinsha)
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02/22/2012 Jako Standard
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80 strony, A4
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In stock @ Solaris Japan

Pre Owned for ¥4,325
└ Check product page for item condition.
my review of the artbook: BLOG #33749

more pics here on my tumblr:
part 1: happylaw.tumblr...
part 2: happylaw.tumblr...
3 l. temu
If anyone plans to sell this cheaper than what it's going for atm (like around $60 is the market rn I think...) pls message me :) looking to buy~
3 l. temu
I just love it Mine!!
4 l. temu
Please message me if selling!
5 l. temu
Available on OtakuRepublic
5 l. temu
I received it today and it looks beautiful. Uploading some pictures now.
7 l. temu
ghirahim Needs more Kyouko
Just found out I'm getting this for christmas. Finally! ^^
7 l. temu
Yay for the restock! I thought I'd never get this book. I ordered mine just a minute ago and the timing was perfect 'cause HS has that 50% off shipping campaign atm. I couldn't be any happier ;;u;;

edit:// and now the book is sold out. phew, good thing I placed the order.
8 l. temu
HS in stock www.1999.co.jp/...
8 l. temu
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