Overlord III - Albedo - so-bin ver. (Union Creative International Ltd)Overlord III - Albedo - so-bin ver. (Union Creative International Ltd)¥ Kup¥ Kup

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Available for pre-order @ Nin-Nin-Game (¥24,590)
=> Overlord - Albedo so-bin Ver. [Union Creative]
~202.23 € / ~$240.24
└ +5% Points on all Orders!
└ Worldwide Express Shipping! ✈
Available for pre-order @ Solaris Japan (¥29,325)

Pre-Order at Solaris Japan for ¥29,325
└ Check product page for details.
Available for pre-order @ JFigure.com (¥24,900)
You can choose full payment or 10% down payment.
Well, if so, I think it is the best, to achieve a good quality that is very similar but equal to that shown, it is better that you take your time and launch something of quality and not something hasty. since it is beautiful
23 d. temu
HairyHusky23 d. temu#80513375amazon Japan sent the messageOh wow, it got delayed for 2 whole months. I expected it to at least be released in August but September was unexpected.
23 d. temu
Thunderr23 d. temu#80513372Where did you see that it got delayed to September? amazon Japan sent the message
23 d. temu
HairyHusky23 d. temu#80513281f it got delayed to SeptemberWhere did you see that it got delayed to September?
23 d. temu
f it got delayed to September
23 d. temu
Union Creative was kinda know to release on their offical release day? but I wonder if they could actually do that with this figure since it’s a more complex figure they made and being on the top pre order figure in general but I wish the figures could be good and they can release her in this month, let’s hope...
25 d. temu
lykie1 mies. temu#802503963 months after standard release date is typical from TOM when shipping from their US warehouse. Gives them time to ship the figures overseas on a freighter.

Ah that makes sense, I just recently signed up for a TOM account and wasn’t familiar with how things worked there.
1 mies. temu
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