Fate/Grand Order - Scáthach-Skadi - Caster, Third Ascension Ver. (Good Smile Company)Fate/Grand Order - Scáthach-Skadi - Caster, Third Ascension Ver. (Good Smile Company)¥ Kup¥ Kup

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it seems like i have to prepare my wallet for skadi irl and in fgo
1 mies. temu
Glad that good smile is the one doing this ascension as it's my favorite :^)
4 mies. temu
Despite that they're made by three different companies each, the fact that you can have a figure of any Ascension of Scáthach-Skadi (or all three of them) is pure awesome.
11 mies. temu
Finally Scathach getting some love from Good Smile Company, I'm so happy can't wait for the sculpt and painting.
11 mies. temu
11 mies. temu
M o m m y
11 mies. temu
now that theres 3 ascension, wtf im beyond broke
11 mies. temu
Phat = 1st Ascension
Ques Q = 2nd Ascension
GSC = 3rd Ascension

Interesting how none of them overlap. Was this intentional?
11 mies. temu
This is great and all but can you give also give us a normal lancer Scathach as well. Please and thank you.
11 mies. temu
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