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Nendoroid More - Nendoroid More: Dress Up - Nendoroid More: Kisekae Suits 02 (Good Smile Company)Nendoroid More - Nendoroid More: Dress Up - Nendoroid More: Kisekae Suits 02 (Good Smile Company)

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Orders via Good Smile Online Shop can be placed between the 18th January 2019 (Fri) from 12:00JST until 21st February 2019 (Thu) at 12:00JST.

Please note that this product cannot be purchased together with other WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU!! 29 products.

Also available through Good Smile Company's partner shops.

*Head part is not included


that bouquet is lovely <3
2 mies. temu
I can’t wait to buy another set for my fate boys <3
2 mies. temu
looking to buy for my wedding!!
2 mies. temu
This is really tempting, but I already have the Coach Victor nendoroid, and I don't think I can justify buying this whole set just to get him the same outfit without a coat. On the other hand, This is probably going to be the popular one everyone wants, so it will probably be expensive or impossible to find on the after market.
2 mies. temu
Lazuli Sailor Muteki
I will make Nobuchika Ginoza a reality with this~
2 mies. temu
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